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Strengthen your IT Governance program with LogicManager’s comprehensive Vulnerability Management solution package.

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LogicManager’s Vulnerability Management Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Vulnerability Management solution package:

  • Gain the ability to integrate your system via API in order to automate the process of logging these vulnerabilities into our GRC platform.
  • Leverage an out-of-the-box form that can be customized to fit your needs in order to capture the relevant information around each of your vulnerabilities.
  • Our automated workflow helps engage stakeholders by automatically kicking off tasks based on the details of that particular vulnerability and ensuring that they are remediated in a timely manner.
  • Our robust reporting engine helps you to identify trends in the root cause and affected areas of threats and vulnerabilities. This allows you to identify systemic issues and proactively put in place better controls, policies and procedures prevent history from repeating itself.

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Vulnerability Management Tools


Achieve Vulnerability Management with LogicManager

Streamline your processes

LogicManager includes a variety of ways to automate your tasks, such as workflows, notification scheduling and AI suggestions.

Gain the advantage of GRC

While this package is a point solution, it lives within LogicManager’s fully integrated GRC platform. This means you’ll break down departmental silos and be able to draw key connections across your enterprise.

Maintain a centralized repository

Keep all of your processes and documents in one place. This makes it easier to engage with other employees at your organization and find important information quickly.

Satisfy auditors

With LogicManager, your work is time stamped and performed on a foundation of risk management best practices. This helps you stay prepared for a surprise audit.

What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management involves identifying, assessing and mitigating risks posed to your organization’s IT security. It also includes remediating issues should any of those risks materialize into an incident. Having a mature vulnerability management program means:

  • Proactively examining potential points of exploitation on a computer or network to identify security holes before they are exposed and used as a threat.
  • Detecting and classifying system weaknesses in computers, networks and communications equipment and predicting the effectiveness of countermeasures.
  • Ensuring timely remediation of vulnerabilities and that patches are actually being applied.
  • Reporting on vulnerabilities to identify trends in which applications are the most susceptible, which threats are the most damaging and what controls are functioning.
  • LogicManager enables you to execute on these critical processes through automation, best practice standard alignment, cross-departmental engagement and more. Read on to learn about our Vulnerability Management solution package.


There are a variety of risks associated with an incident involving IT security, including fines and penalties, lawsuits (especially if the vulnerability was known and preventable but nothing was done to mitigate it) reputational damage and ultimately lost customers or investors.

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Vulnerability Management Tools

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