Compliance Gap Assessments & Evidence Collection

Navigating the intricate requirements of various frameworks and regulations for compliance can be daunting. LogicManager's Compliance Gap Assessments & Evidence Collection Solution empowers you to take charge of your compliance journey with confidence and precision.

  • Focused Scope, Efficient Alignment: Define alignment scope proactively, saving resources while targeting regulatory precision.
  • Meticulous Compliance Documentation: Assess compliance, document effective controls, and showcase commitment to regulatory adherence.
  • Systematic Gap Resolution: Identify and address compliance gaps methodically, ensuring comprehensive alignment.
  • Data-Driven Decision Empowerment: Access comprehensive reports for informed, strategic enhancements to your compliance framework's efficacy.

Being proactive is the key to regulatory compliance success. LogicManager's Compliance Gap Assessments & Evidence Collection Solution transcends traditional approaches by providing you with the tools to be ahead of the curve.

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LogicManager’s Applicability & Gap Assessment Solution

Here’s what you’ll get with LogicManager’s comprehensive Applicability & Gap Assessment solution package:

  • Receive virtually any IT governance or regulatory compliance framework out of the box, ready to be implemented into your organization’s environment.
  • Our Content Hub allows you to instantly plug a control set or list of requirements into your environment. It’s also kept up to date by our team of risk and compliance experts.
  • Maintain a centralized repository of all your risks and controls so you can see where they’re impacting your various people and processes.
  • Leverage numerous pre-built reports and dashboards that have been successfully used by other clients to view high-level information and see how you’re trending over time.
  • Browse our Solution Library, which houses over 100 different solution packages to meet your specific needs, to stay on top of the latest standards as they’re being released.
  • Build a time-stamped audit trail of your work to prove compliance and avoid regulatory fines and negligence liabilities.
  • Map what you’re already doing to any particular control or requirement set using our One-Click Compliance tool: powerful AI that eliminates manual and duplicative work. For example:
    • You’ve recently found out that you’re subject to Basel Compliance. With just one click, uncover all the areas where you’re already in line with those requirements.
    • Need to evaluate your SOC 2 readiness? One-Click Compliance will tell you where you’re lacking the controls to pass your audit.
    • New information security framework you’re looking to adhere to? Find out instantly if your NIST 800-53 controls are supporting that alignment.

What is an Applicability & Gap Assessment?

Regulatory compliance requirements and IT governance frameworks are constantly evolving. Not only is it difficult to stay on top of everything without proactively defining the scope of your work, but it sets you up for failure because you’ll inevitably spend too little or too much time getting aligned with a particular standard. Performing an Applicability & Gap Assessment helps you evaluate your alignment with requirements ahead of time. By answering “Yes,” “No” or “N/A,” you have an understanding of what needs to be done and can allocate time, resources and dollars accordingly.


Regulations and best-practice frameworks are there for a reason: to help businesses align with best practices. If you fail to be compliant with them, you’re lacking the benefits of those best practices. This opens you up to more risk; if you’re not properly mitigating cybersecurity threats, you could suffer a data breach, which could lead to a scandal and subsequent revenue and/or customer loss.

There are also hefty fines for noncompliance in the regulatory and IT governance world. And it doesn’t matter if you’re doing the things the frameworks suggest if you can’t prove it, so having software to track your efforts is critical (especially today, when regulatory bodies are more critical than ever before).

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