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In today’s See-Through Economy, customer feedback is inevitable. How you respond to that feedback speaks volumes about the strength of your business. Implement comprehensive Complaint Management software with LogicManager to set your business apart from the rest. Customize forms, automate workflows, pinpoint root causes, and gain insights through advanced reporting.

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LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Complaint Management is important:

LogicManager’s Complaint Management System

  • Using our Custom Profile & Visibility Rules, you can easily configure your complaint form input fields to fit specific scenarios.  This ensures you’re only collecting the information pertinent to each case.  Complaint managers can then dynamically track and document relevant details, all while restricting access to sensitive information.
  • LogicManager’s workflows capability can route initial complaints to the appropriate parties for follow-up, automatically assign remediation tasks and provide visibility throughout the complaint lifecycle.
  • Use LogicManager’s References capability to automatically connect your internal resources (like vendors, applications and other assets) and make associations that help you uncover the root cause of your complaints.
  • Complaints are events that stem from risks, and LogicManager’s risk-based Event Management tools help you assess the history of their occurrence to more accurately assess risk moving forward.
  • Customize your LogicManager home screen so that it brings end users directly to the complaints they need to assess and remediate to ensure everything is responded to in a timely manner.
  • Use our robust Reporting & Dashboards system to visualize trends in the nature or severity of submissions, detect trends in remediation strategies and more.
  • Leverage our Integration Hub to integrate with ticketing systems like Jira and ServiceNow and sync complaints to LogicManager (and vice versa) so that you can create a centralized repository of all complaints and follow a standardized approach for resolution.



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Achieve Complaint Management Success with LogicManager

One centralized platform

Collect and manage all complaints across your organization through one platform. In order to collect all necessary information on these complaints, create a standard form (no login or licensing required) to imbed directly on your website. This facilitates submission and demonstrates accountability.

Control complaint permissions

In order to give access to only the appropriate groups and people at your organization, you can control complaint permissions. This gives the correct users the ability to track and document any resolution that comes from a complaint and ensures that parties that shouldn’t have certain information do not. This can be configured on a complaint-to-complaint, or department-to-department level, and you can even control who sees particular fields.

Automated workflow

Route complaints to their appropriate parties instantly and without losing any information in the process. To stay on top of these complaints, our workflow also offers alerts, reminders and notifications.

Full audit trail

Monitor any and all changes made to a complaint form. Things change and evolve over time, so information must be updated as complaints are investigated. LogicManager maintains a full audit trail of changes, from who made the change, to when they were made, what the prior values were and more. These data points are then fully reportable.

Winona Health

Complaint Management Case Study

In this case study, research firm GRC 20/20 describes how Winona Health, a LogicManager customer in the healthcare industry, used the software to integrate its enterprise risk management (ERM) and incident management programs in 45 days – winning the 2016 GRC Value Award in Risk Management.


What is Complaint Management?

As someone in charge of managing customer complaints, your workload looks different every day. Whether you’re reaching out to customers via phone, email or social media, communicating between departments to escalate when needed, investigating data trends or building reports for management, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Even at the most successful companies, things can’t always run smoothly; it’s only natural that mistakes happen from time to time, whether it’s related to manufacturing, provisioning, customer service, delivery or other departments of your business.

As indicated by the See-Through Economy, if you don’t provide customers with accessible feedback inputs within your organization, they are liable to air these grievances elsewhere. Even worse, in a forum where you can’t effectively respond or remediate. That’s why having a centralized outlet for customer feedback and a formalized Complaint Management process at your organization is so powerful; it ensures transparency, good customer rapport and consistent improvements.

What are the Benefits of a Customer Complaint Management System?

Complaints that are handled well increase customer loyalty and provide a competitive advantage. For example, one customer might report a problem with her funds availability, while another customer might report being hit with an overdraft fee even though he has more than enough money in his account. These appear to be different issues, but when the organization considers them together, management discovers a technical issue similar to the application glitch addressed by one major investor management company.

While not all complaints can be resolved in a few hours, having a customer complaint management system in place provides an efficient way to keep track of an issue over time. Complaint management tools should provide users with the ability to assign ownership to certain complaints, build out workflows for the remediation process, and provide status updates on where the incident is in the pipeline. Automated systems like this reduce the amount of resources spent on manual processes so the company can focus on improving customer satisfaction as a whole.

Throughout the remediation process, keeping the customer in the loop is important to maintaining the relationship. Customers have the ability to just as quickly report directly to regulators, which they may do if a problem is not being handled quickly enough. Something as simple as a notification that the complaint has been processed can be enough to assure a customer they’re being cared for.

Complaint Management Risks

We live in a See-Through Economy, where reviews and reputation carry more weight than they ever have before. Consumers are empowered to share their opinions – good and bad – of the businesses they interact with and their voices are amplified on platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. With that in mind, a customer complaint or disgruntled employee review left unaddressed can quickly give prospects and current customers a poor impression of your company. This can directly lead to a decrease in sales and ultimately a substantial impact on your bottom line.

Another important risk to consider is regulatory risk. Many industries are required by regulations like Fair Lending and UDAAP to have a formal Complaint Management program in place and may be penalized on those laws should certain types of complaints be filed. If you’re not able to provide an audit trail or the reports necessary to show the actions you’ve taken to internally satisfy said complaints, you could face serious civil or criminal penalties.

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