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Take a proactive approach to protecting your organization by having a formalized jurisdiction requirement management program. LogicManager makes it easy by offering an all-in-one, customizable Jurisdiction Requirement solution package.

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LogicManager’s Jurisdiction Requirement Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Jurisdiction Requirement solution package:

  • With our centralized readiness library, you’ll have the ability to identify and categorize regulations that apply most directly to the locations in which you operate. In turn, you’ll see all of the individual departments that are impacted by those regulations, along with the level of associated impact.
  • Create plan assessments for each of your organization’s locations and easily specify the jurisdictional requirements and regulations that apply to each.
  • In addition to tracking compliance with regulations, you can also manage the controls you already have in place to achieve compliance without duplicating any work.
  • Perform testing and track metrics to test the effectiveness of your controls. Let’s say you have a control related to your annual policy handbook review. Through testing, you can track information about when and how the policy review was completed. This testing and metric collection not only provides a sound audit trail for examiners to see that you’ve stayed compliant with regulations, but it can also be automated so that you never have to remember on your own to complete updates.
  • Through our issue management capabilities, track any issues that arise from your plans. For example, if you have a regulation requirement that you are not meeting, flag it so that a control is developed and implemented to close that gap.
  • Using the relationships functionality, show relationships between plans, controls and other taxonomy areas such as departments (Business Process), Vendors (Relationships), or employees (People). This is helpful for recognizing key interdependencies.
  • Assign out plan tasks for users to complete readiness assessments, update controls and input testing information. These tasks can be automated so that human error does not interfere with this work being completed in a timely manner.
  • Our robust reporting engine can be leveraged for a variety of purposes, but one of the most common uses for the Jurisdiction Requirement solution area is the Plan report. This report displays all of the details of the readiness assessment and any associated controls and monitoring activities.

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Identify critical gaps

LogicManager enables you to perform Readiness Assessments, which allows you to identify the most important areas for improvement in your existing HR compliance programs. From there, use the system to implement new controls for addressing those gaps so that you can stay protected from vulnerabilities and effectively prioritize remediation efforts.

Take a risk-based approach

Managing the various requirements across multiple jurisdictions is critical to ensuring that your business does not violate any laws. Having a centralized risk management system like LogicManager on your side helps you to identify and manage the regulations that apply to your organization’s locations.

Discover dependencies

LogicManager is a fully integrated GRC platform that allows you to create and demonstrate relationships between plans, controls and other taxonomy areas such as departments, vendors and employees. This helps you break down silos and recognize key dependencies within your organization.

What are Jurisdiction Requirements?

The term jurisdiction refers to any authority granted to a legal body to administer justice. In the United States, jurisdiction requirements are set forth by authorities at the local, state and federal levels. These regulatory guidelines and laws are designed to make sure your business is operating under the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

So how do you know if your organization is upholding these standards? Having a comprehensive jurisdiction requirement management program helps you identify areas where you are subject to jurisdiction and subsequently implement guidelines and controls to ensure you meet the standards drawn out by the jurisdiction.

Employee Onboarding Risks

If you fail to meet jurisdiction requirements, you expose yourself, your customers and employees to serious risks during today’s unprecedented times; many jurisdiction requirements today involve protecting the health and wellbeing of your community at large. If you’re found negligent, you could face hefty fines, sanctions and ultimately major revenue loss.

Internally, if your employees do not feel that their health and wellbeing is being protected, it can quickly lead to frustration and distrust. This can create a toxic environment that produces churn and lowers productivity. This can damage not only your bottom line, but your reputation – and in today’s See-Through-Economy, you’ll be judged more harshly than ever by employees and customers alike who pay close attention to how organizations respond to crises.

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