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Protect Your Reputation with Effective Issues & Findings Management

Protect your reputation and drive continuous improvement with LogicManager's Issues & Findings Management Software. Seamlessly engage stakeholders through our secure webform, kickstarting automated workflows that drive issue resolution. Stay updated with recurring tasks, while centralized reporting unveils organizational insights. Generate robust reports, from narrative overviews to actionable tasks and trend analysis.

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LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Issues & Findings Management is important:

How Our Issues & Findings Management Software Helps

  • Through our robust Event Management system, you’ll be managing issues and findings within a risk-based system that allows you to associate events with the associated risks, people, policies, procedures or controls to tie issues to their root cause and prevent repeat occurrences. 
  • LogicManager’s workflow capability can route issues based on business logic (e.g. which departments they impact, how much they interfere with operations, etc.) and automatically assign remediation tasks to the appropriate parties.
  • Experience a robust Reporting & Dashboards system that makes it easy to display details about one particular issue or a holistic view of all issues and findings to detect trends and determine if there are similar root causes to address.
  • Customize your LogicManager home screen so that it displays issues across the organization, enabling you to better understand dependencies and reduce bottlenecks where needed to streamline the remediation process.
  • LogicManager’s Custom Profile & Visibility Rules allow you to dynamically collect additional information on an issue or finding and its remediation and validation based on any number of factors, such as the risk it poses to your organization or type (what department did it stem from?) to help you strategically prioritize time and resources.
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Streamline Issues & Findings Management with LogicManager

Here’s what you’ll get with LogicManager’s comprehensive Issues management software package:

  • Easily engage relevant parties, from risk managers, to compliance officers, vendor managers, the audit team or other process owners, using our secure webform that allows anyone to quickly submit an issue or finding.
  • When an issue is flagged, this will automatically kick off a workflow that triggers the responsible team to prioritize the issue, delegate action items and track the issue until resolution.
  • Send out recurring tasks to automatically get monthly updates on the issues and findings to ensure the process is being continually made on resolving the issue.
  • View all issues across all areas of your organization in one, centralized repository to better identify trends, bottlenecks, dependencies and more.
  • Generate robust reports using our reporting engine, including:
    • An Incidents Narrative Report displaying all details about one issue in one place.
    • Tasks Reports, which show all outstanding actions needed for remediating an issue.
    • The Incidents Dashboard, which helps you identify trends across findings and determine if there are similar root causes that need to be addressed.

What are Issues and Findings?

Issues and findings, whether they pertain to your audit, regulatory compliance, IT or any other department, refer to any problems (or signs of potential problems) that could negatively impact your business. Similar to risks, the exact nature of an issue is largely unknown before it takes place. Depending on the nature of your organization, your issues and findings will vary; they may range from service interruptions, to failures in IT security controls, processes that violate compliance requirements or an employee injury.  

Managing and tracking issues and findings, at a bare minimum, occurs when an unexpected issue arises. However, taking a risk-based approach means proactively evaluating your planned process for dealing with those issues and findings so that you are always prepared to do so in a way that minimizes impact. 

Issues and findings are often seen only as a negative part of your organization when in reality, uncovering issues and findings should be viewed as an opportunity to improve your organization. At its core, identifying issues and findings is a way to identify gaps or weaknesses in your program which in turn, helps you to improve your processes and prevent future surprises. 

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