LogicManager Spotlight

Kevin Chinkan, Software Developer

Name: Kevin Chinkan

Role: Software Engineer

College Major: Economics

Fun fact about yourself: I hiked the end of the Appalachian Trail, Mt. Katahdin. It was pouring rain and we weren’t sure if all of us would make it out alive. Despite the near-death experience, I’m hoping to hike Mt. Fuji after seeing it in all its glory during my trip to Japan.

Why’d you decide to begin your career at LogicManager?

I had a friend who already worked at LogicManager and had very positive things to say about the company culture. During the interview process, I discovered that the company was working on a redesign of their frontend for the platform and knew there was a lot of opportunity for growth and trying new things. Along with professional growth, one of the major drivers for me coming to LogicManager was being able to learn, introduce, and work with new technologies.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

This can vary from day to day, but usually I’m working on tasks for an upcoming build. Some days I’ll be reviewing design specifications for our new front end, which is a really interesting and unique process that involves nearly every department. Other times I’m working on code review, which everyone in the department takes part in to ensure we have clean code going into our system.

As we look to build our new front-end by utilizing some of the latest technologies, research has also become part of my daily routine. This includes discovering what frameworks and applications are out there to help solve any problems we run into or finding a tool to streamline efforts and make life easier.

What’s your favorite part about working at LogicManager?

The people at LogicManager are fantastic, both in and out of work. My favorite activity here is the social sports teams that have been put together. They are a fun way to get out of the office and spend time getting to know other employees that I may not work with on a daily basis.

How has the company grown since you joined?

The company has doubled in size since I’ve joined, and it seems like there’s no stop in sight. Even though we see our numbers in employees grow, we’ve still been able to keep the same culture. In fact, I’ve noticed our culture getting even better as new employees bring new ideas, and the company holds more activities that get us away from our computers and give us the ability to hang out with one another.

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