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Protect your reputation with LogicManager’s integrated compliance tools. 
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You need a complete compliance system. 

Between sky-high piles of regulatory guidelines and high compliance standards for your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Ensuring all of these requirements are being met across your company can be expensive, time-consuming, and nearly impossible without the right compliance tools to help. With LogicManager’s compliance management system, all of your compliance activities and workflows will be streamlined with a risk-based approach, saving you time and money while keeping your exemplary reputation in tact.

With our compliance system, say goodbye to: 

  • Manual spreadsheets and email systems making it hard to access and manage your compliance information.
  • Committing unnecessary amounts of time to identifying and engaging other business departments in compliance management activities.
  • Attempting to stay on top of constantly changing rules and regulations without any automation in place.
  • Chasing down information you need across multiple disparate systems throughout your business.

LogicManager is your compliance solution.

Let us introduce you to compliance management tool that erases all of your pain points at once.

Experience a Customized Compliance Management System.

Our compliance tools were built to help you. Explore some of the pre-built, industry-specific content that comes with LogicManager. Our custom plugins are designed to make your risk management process a painless one.

LogicManager is Proud to Partner with

Through this partnership, our integrations library receives’s comprehensive, customized and financially focused regulatory content.

Go the extra mile.

With your compliance management process improved, you can focus on going beyond the call of duty. Our compliance management system is designed to help you align strategic business goals with operational objectives. By giving you an enterprise-wide view of your risk and requirements at all times, LogicManager drastically reduces the time and money you spend on compliance, helping you prove your impact on the company’s success.

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We’re along for the ride.

When you sign on to LogicManager, we pair you with a team of advisory analysts who are as invested in your success as you are. They’re your partner throughout the lifetime of your subscription. They get you up and running with one-on-one training sessions, upload all of your existing data into the compliance system, help you build the reports you need, and are available to answer any technical and best practice questions you have.


 The LogicManager team, business development managers, analysts, support staff, have been extremely responsive and attentive to all our needs. 

Senior IT Compliance Analyst | Cooper Standard


Want to learn more?

We’ve prepared this just for you. With LogicManager’s software and expert support, you can move beyond compliance and leverage a broad scope of organizational knowledge to focus on strategic goals and operational risks. Download our free datasheet to learn more about the benefits of our software.

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