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Available for your industry and function, LogicManager plugins offer systematic and actionable content available as automated feeds into our ERM platform.

LogicManager’s plugin solutions will accelerate your efforts and amplify your resource capabilities. We provide industry and role-specific policies, control procedures, compliance alert services, audit guides, authoritative standards, vendor profiles, and best practice frameworks. With these resources, you’ll save time and improve governance in days rather than months. Protocols and templates are uploaded directly into your organization’s environment, helping you meet new regulatory requirements and standards. Our content is powered by industry experts and driven by our customers’ needs.

LogicManager plugins are based on successful customer use cases and are designed to make a risk-based approach quick and easy for process owners and other stakeholders.

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The LogicManager plugin marketplace can be browsed by industry and function. Contact your advisory analyst to request access to templates directly in the LogicManager product.

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Featured Plugins

Here are the most popular plug-ins among our customer base as well as those trending within the risk, governance, and compliance management industry.

Regulatory Change Compliance Management Software2019-05-31T14:37:48-04:00
Supplier Onboarding and Vendor Onboarding Software and Checklists2019-06-12T12:00:11-04:00
EU NIS Directive Compliance2019-07-18T16:29:15-04:00
NFPA 1600 Standard on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery2018-10-01T13:31:33-04:00
Cybersecurity Incident Management Software and Response Plan2019-07-18T16:31:32-04:00
Cybersecurity Incident and Response Software
Sustainability and Go Green Management2019-01-04T10:39:41-04:00
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)2018-09-12T16:40:21-04:00
Food Safety Compliance (ISO 22000, USDA, etc.)2019-02-27T11:29:59-04:00
PCI DSS Compliance Software and Checklist2019-07-18T16:30:04-04:00
KRI and KPI Risk Management Libraries2018-09-17T10:35:04-04:00
Due Diligence and Third-Party Risk Management for Investment Alternatives2018-02-22T16:58:05-04:00