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Without software streamlining your business continuity planning process, developing your BCP can be extremely difficult and time consuming. LogicManager’s BCP Development software features are bundled in this customized solution package to erase all your pain points at once.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to BCP Development is important:

How LogicManager’s BCP Development Solution Helps

  • Use LogicManager’s workflow capability to deploy a BCP approval workflow that can be triggered in response to a specific action, keeping necessary parties in the loop and preventing duplicative work and missed due dates.
  • LogicManager’s References capability leverages your internal resources and makes associations, meaning designing your BCP with LogicManager helps you visually represent your entire organization so that it’s easy for everyone to understand and engage with it.
  • Streamline the BCP development process by customizing the LogicManager home screen so that it brings end users directly to their list of tasks associated with BCP development and/or the resources they need to develop it (e.g. policies, reports or risk assessments).
  • Our robust Reporting & Dashboards system captures all necessary information found in a standard BCP – from key employees, to upstream and downstream dependencies on vendors, applications and physical assets, to recovery strategies and more – to help you work smarter, not harder.
  • LogicManager’s Integration Hub allows you to connect with platforms like Office365 for in-app document editing of crucial documents (e.g. employee contact lists, dependencies and disruption recovery strategies) or WorkDay to auto-update Business Continuity Plan Call Trees on a nightly basis.



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Develop your BCP with LogicManager

Increase stakeholder confidence

Partnering with an industry-leading software like LogicManager to develop your BCP assures vendors, investors, customers, employees and regulators alike that your organization is being run properly. Mitigating risks before they happen is good governance that demonstrates corporate responsibility and fosters a positive corporate culture.

Work smarter, not harder

Leverage LogicManager’s out-of-the-box content and automated functionality to more efficiently and effectively allocate resources. Our pre-populated chart fields capture all necessary information found in a standard BCP, from key employees, to upstream and downstream dependencies on vendors, applications and physical assets, to recovery strategies and more.

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Automate your processes

Relying on manual efforts and communication leads to higher probability of human error. LogicManager allows you to automate action items, notifications and updates to foster engagement with all personnel in your organization. The BCP Approval workflow can be triggered in response to a specific action. Leverage this workflow, along with many others provided within the application, to keep necessary parties in the loop and avoid forgotten due dates.

Uncover areas for improvement

Empower your frontline employees to identify dependencies across your organization and leverage resources directly in the application. This offers better insight to improve your plans; by looking at common risk factors across all departments, you’ll be better enabled to identify unique risks on a function-by-function basis. See which risks are specific to certain teams and which are prevalent throughout the entire organization. Using in-app visualizations, see the risk factors that are high in core departments and which are performing out of tolerance for certain initiatives.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

Your business continuity plan (BCP) is the first line of defense against any challenge that threatens the core functionalities of your organization’s operations. If these operations were to go down, your organization may be faced with irreversible damages to its reputation. Developing a BCP means taking the necessary steps to ensure that your business can continue to operate uninterrupted despite disaster. The plan should also be designed to reduce the time it takes to get things up and running as usual again. As a best practice, your BCP should be re-evaluated annually at a minimum, as well as whenever something in your business changes (e.g. a process, product, service, etc.) or there is an external factor impacting your business (e.g. environmental changes, new regulations, an acquisition, etc.).

A solid BCP is central to staying prepared for potential disruptions and solidifying trust with external parties such as vendors, clients or potential shareholders. Your organization has multiple business units, functions, teams and products to keep track of and having insight into which aspects are critical for internal operations and which provide critical services to your downstream dependencies is key for proper resource allocation, preventing negligence and avoiding unnecessary delays in the case of an event.

Business Continuity Risks

It’s important to actively invest time and energy into preparing for any potential risk before it manifests so that if or when it does, your BCP directs you to the necessary resources to return to business as usual.

Risks that pose a direct threat to business continuity include:

  • The sudden unavailability of a key vendor-provided service
  • A regional power outage
  • Abandonment in leadership
  • Data protection issues
  • Supply chain issues
  • Privacy policy issues
  • Getting sued
  • An industry strike
  • Pest infestation

Without the ability to react quickly to these types of events can result in physical harm, monetary loss, fines, reputational damage, data integrity loss, litigation and more.

Getting Started With Business Continuity Planning

We know it can be hard to start the process of developing your business continuity plan.
That’s why we’ve created a BCP checklist built on risk-based best practices.


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