Why Business Continuity Planning is Crucial and How to Make it Sustainable

IMPACT 2023 Brianna Mckenzie, Ascensus

Duration: 55 Minutes

Presenter: Brianna McKenzie, Ascensus

In this insightful presentation, Brianna McKenzie, a business continuity expert from Ascensus, shares her knowledge and experience on why Business Continuity Planning is crucial for organizations today. Drawing on recent events and the challenges faced by many organizations during the pandemic, Brianna highlights the importance of having an up-to-date and sustainable BCP program in place.

Throughout the presentation, Brianna explains how her team identified the need for a robust BCP program and worked towards making it a sustainable initiative. She also emphasizes the importance of incorporating the lessons learned from past events into future BCP plans to ensure that organizations are adequately prepared for any future events.

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