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Strengthen your IT Governance program with LogicManager’s comprehensive IT Asset Management solution package.

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LogicManager’s IT Asset Management Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s IT Asset Management solution package:

  • LogicManager’s centralized asset library compiles an organization’s assets into one spot with an area to store and report on the pertinent information to each asset.
  • Use asset risk assessments to reveal which of your organization’s assets are riskier than others by assessing each of LogicManager’s out-of-the-box risk factors and common scoring criteria.
  • Leverage numerous out-of-the-box form questions built off of industry standards like NIST and ISO. Use these questions to identify common areas of concern across your organization, such as what security protocols are needed for an asset and what type of data it has access to.
  • If you’re in the early stages of developing an asset management program, use our turnkey workflow process for initiating the use of a new asset or for the annual review of one already in use. This facilitates ownership assignment, initially risk rating the asset and finally, requesting approvals from InfoSec and other departments. It can be completely customized to meet your needs.
  • LogicManager provides a number of dashboards and reports:
    • Asset Inventory: A table style report presenting all the applications and relevant information behind them.
    • Task Report: Aggregates all action items that pertain to assets, from reviews, to approvals and any outstanding tasks.
    • Asset Criticality Rating: Presents all assets by criticality tier, quickly showing which are critical relative to those that are not. This can help you see if your organization is depending on more assets over time.

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Better Manage your IT Assets with LogicManager

Streamline your processes

LogicManager includes a variety of ways to automate your tasks, such as workflows, notification scheduling and AI suggestions.

Gain the advantage of GRC

While this package is a point solution, it lives within LogicManager’s fully integrated GRC platform. This means you’ll break down departmental silos and be able to draw key connections across your enterprise.

Maintain a centralized repository

Keep all of your processes and documents in one place. This makes it easier to engage with other employees at your organization and find important information quickly.

Satisfy auditors

With LogicManager, your work is time stamped and performed on a foundation of risk management best practices. This helps you stay prepared for a surprise audit.

What is IT Asset Management?

Managing your organization’s IT assets is a critical part of any IT Governance program. LogicManager has the solution for you to streamline and simplify this potentially dubious process. Our IT Asset Management solution package allows you to maintain a centralized repository of your assets to keep things organized, well documented and accessible. This is an important aspect of any mature IT Governance program. This ensures that your IT risk department has easy insight into what assets are in place throughout the organization, as well as key details about them like who has what level of access to them, what data (personal or sensitive) the application has access to and how critical they are to your organization as a whole.


Any incidents that occur on assets that you depend on will inevitably have downstream effects on you. Whether it’s a breach at a datacenter, downtime on a server or a sudden inability to connect two platforms, those complaints may be headed to you. Your reputation, fairly or unfairly, is tied to the applications that you incorporate into your operations. With the ability to know which assets are truly integral to your business, you’ll be able to prioritize getting them back in working order as soon as possible over assets that may be able to wait a day or two.

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