There’s a Better Approach to GRC

Take a proactive approach with LogicManager’s risk-based GRC platform.

The Problem with Typical GRC Platforms

Organizations conduct more risk management activities than they’re aware of. The issue is that each silo often operates independently, so different departments aren’t collecting, documenting, or sharing their efforts. This lack of continuity and transparency makes it nearly impossible to prioritize and address material concerns before they come to a head.

The traditional approach to managing these concerns involves investing in a series of solutions to address risk in different areas of the business, so every department continues to manage risk without sharing information. And even if they take a holistic approach to risk, many GRC platforms have lengthy implementation periods that hinder real progress, and charge for professional services like training, customization, and maintenance, which hinders self-sufficiency.

In today’s see-through economy, where social media empowers consumers to voice their expectations and demand more of the companies they do business with at a dizzyingly fast pace, organizations need to be proactive, quicker, and more efficient in how they manage their risk.

LogicManager has the Answer

Our integrated, enterprise risk management platform is built on the very idea that silos hinder progress, and that customers should experience the value of our software on day one.

LogicManager’s risk-based approach to GRC software and support helps you cut across silos and manage all of your governance, risk management, and compliance information with a common framework. Our enterprise risk management platform provides the transparency and efficiency you need to meet the evolving demands of your stakeholders.

integrated risk taxonomy in ERM platform

Goodbye, silos.

Managing risk across an entire enterprise can feel like putting out an endless string of fires. The taxonomy technology behind our connected methodology powers a central governance structure that shares information where necessary and makes relationships explicit. This enables you to uncover root-causes and key dependencies across levels and departments within your organization.

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Hello, success!

Customers have access to their LogicManager environment within 5 business days, which means you’re fully operational in the system within a week. Implementation, training, and maintenance are yours at no extra cost. Our business model is built on flexibility and self-sufficiency because we want you to master our product and make an impact.

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We’re your partner.

When you sign on to LogicManager, we pair you with a team of advisory analysts who are as invested in your success as you are. They get you up and running with personal training sessions. They upload all of your existing data into the system, and help you build the reports you need. And they’re available to answer any technical and best practice questions you have throughout the lifetime of your subscription.

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Still curious about our approach?

We’ve got all the information you need on our risk philosophy.

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