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risk management ebook


This eBook covers 5 commonalities of successful ERM programs, why they’re critical, and how you can design your own processes.

Third Party InfoSec Risk OCEG Illustration


This OCEG illustration, sponsored by LogicManager, defines key steps in managing third party information security risks.

risk management webinar


Listen to this webinar to learn what to present to the board to demonstrate ERM effectiveness and prepare for future trends.

LogicManager’s compliance management solution promotes risk-based regulatory change management.


LogicManager’s regulatory compliance solution helps your organization manage compliance requirements more effectively.

This risk management best practices article contains valuable ERM vs. GRC resources and explains the differences between ERM and GRC.


This article discusses the differences between the traditional understandings of ERM and GRC softwares.

Utilize the actionable ERM resources in our complimentary risk assessment template for Excel.


Our basic risk assessment template is designed to help you take the first steps in standardizing your processes.

risk management webinar


Making risk appetite and risk tolerance actionable will help to improve the direction and efficiency of your ERM program.

risk management RMM ebook


The RIMS RMM is a best-practice framework and free online assessment tool. It is designed to help develop and sustain ERM programs.

Our flexible SaaS solutions provide real risk management help and serve as scalable risk management resources for many companies.

Case Study

This case study takes a close look at a large, multinational manufacturer aiming to identify and assess risks across all departments.

risk management eBook


This educational eBook walks through 5 best practices for conducting objective, enterprise-wide risk assessments.

risk-based compliance webinar


Learn about best practices in change management, the foundation of a healthy program, and implementing/maintaining a risk-based approach.

vendor risk managent data sheet


Our vendor management solution creates a comprehensive repository of your organization’s vendor relationships.