Celebrating our Differences:
Neurodiversity Celebration Week

By Steven Minsky | March 17, 2023

At LogicManager, our brand is a reflection of our core values, including mutual trust, respect, integrity, kindness, fairness, and diversity. We embrace these values not only within our organization but also in our relationships with our customers, our vendors, and our community. We encompass different racial, ethnic, gender, disability, neurodiverse, and cultural backgrounds. These differences are connected through the many intersectionalities of who each one of us are and what we stand for. Together, our shared company values, purpose, and customer-driven mission are ingrained into everything we do. Without a true sense of community and belonging, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the sustained superior business performance that we have. 

With Neurodiversity Celebration Week this week, I would like to address the importance of recognizing neurodivergence as a crucial dimension of diversity. While there has been increasing media attention on this topic, there is still much work to be done in creating awareness and understanding of different types of neurodiversity, such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and ADHD. These conditions can present challenges, but they also bring unique strengths and abilities. I recently was diagnosed with ADHD, in addition to knowing for years that I am Dyslexic.

LogicManager Neurodiversity Celebration Week

While it is not easy for me to speak about this, I feel compelled to share my personal story and how it has impacted my leadership as CEO of LogicManager. I believe that we are at our best, when we feel supported and that all employees should be able to bring their true and authentic selves to work every day. By being open about my neurodivergent identity, I hope to encourage a culture of inclusivity and authenticity where everyone feels comfortable being their true selves. It is essential that we continue to celebrate diversity in all its forms and recognize the valuable contributions that neurodivergent individuals bring to the table.

Since my diagnosis, I have come to see my neurodivergence as a strength. Despite daily difficulties, such as being distractible or keeping track of time, ADHD also brings special gifts. I now understand that my ADHD combined with my dyslexia also gave me holistic thinking, hyper-focus, and an ability to see and recognize patterns and insights to simplify complex situations. My pattern matching allows me to connect the impact of recent events to form the likelihood of future outcomes, which are foundational elements for Enterprise Risk Management.

It is not uncommon to find that many successful leaders possess unique gifts that have contributed to their success. In fact, nearly 35% of CEOs are neurodivergent with the Huffington Post saying that ADHD Can Be a CEO’s Secret Superpower. While exceptional abilities certainly contribute to success in leadership roles, it is the recognition of our deficiencies that sets successful leaders with neurodivergence apart. As neurodivergent CEOs, we have learned to surround ourselves with individuals who possess balancing strengths and delegate responsibility to capable teams. Additionally, research by Deloitte has found that neurodivergent teams are 30% more productive than those that only include neurotypical individuals. By embracing neurodiversity in our teams and our leadership, we can create more inclusive and successful organizations.

Neurodivergent CEOs Neurodiversity can be a superpower

Despite the successes and unique gifts that come with ADHD, there are also visible “impediments” that can identify individuals with ADHD. One of these is communication style, which can be a very visible shortcoming for some individuals. As someone with ADHD, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to get to the point of a story or idea. It takes a lot of effort to process all the information and consider various factors. However, this is a medically recognized neurological reality, and it is not something that can simply be controlled. Picking on the way neurodivergent individuals communicate is the same as picking on the way other people’s disabilities manifest. While it may be distasteful if done once, if it is done repeatedly, it can become a form of bullying and hate speech. 

As someone who has experienced bullying firsthand, I understand how it can impact self-esteem and leave individuals feeling isolated and alone. It is a form of behavior that seeks to cause fear, intimidation, and harm to an individual, and it violates their dignity, safety, security, and autonomy. Disability-related harassment is an unfortunately common occurrence with over 60% of neurodivergent students experiencing it (ADDitude Magazine). What starts in the schoolyard or on the bus, moves to social media and sadly can continue into adulthood. Behavior from adult bullies is more subtle and sophisticated than what a child might employ, which may often be confusing for those who are being bullied.

It is essential that we work towards creating a society that is inclusive, accepting, and free from bullying, harassment, and hate speech. We must recognize the value and unique contributions that all individuals bring as a result of their differences and take steps to create safe and inclusive spaces to thrive personally and professionally. 

I wanted to write this blog today to bring awareness to the issue of cyberbullying and encourage others to stand up against hate. In sharing my story with others, I hope to help others feel comfortable knowing that if they wish to share what makes them different, they will be embraced and celebrated for the unique strengths that they bring. Within our LogicManager community, we strive to foster a culture of kindness, collaboration, and critical thinking that is uniquely ours to stand for safety, respect, and love. 

Our success as a company is intertwined with our ability to build a strong and inclusive community which is why we’ve recently launched our All Logic, No Hate program to continue our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. It is through embracing our diversity, celebrating our unique strengths, and finding common ground in our shared mission and values that we will be able to achieve our goals. We welcome all with whom this resonates to come join us and help us realize our vision of Risk Management execution and performance.

A sense of community is more important than ever in the current times and world we live in. Without the amazing individuals who encompass our innovative team and their compassion, understanding, and endless support, this blog wouldn’t be possible today.

About the Author: Steven Minksy

Steven Minsky is a recognized thought leader in risk management, CEO and Founder of LogicManager. Steven is well known for his precinct abilities to guide organizations through future risk events. Steven is a frequent speaker in the Energy, Financial Services and Cyber industries. While the first wave of COVID-19 caught many organizations by surprise, Steven predicted the pandemic impacts and published action plans to help organizations prepare.