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Beginning your journey to HIPAA compliance starts with assessing the risks that pose a threat to your compliance status. Not only does this help you better allocate time and resources, but it sets your organization up for long-term success in maintaining compliance.

Knowing which risks pose the greatest threat to your compliance is critical. Assessing and making a determination of risk will help you prioritize your HIPAA compliance efforts, as well as determine how much time and resources to devote to complying with the HIPAA rules. Conducting a proper HIPAA risk analysis provides a road map for moving forward by creating a clear-cut plan of action regarding HIPAA Compliance.

Free Download: HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Download our free HIPAA compliance checklist for a standardized, step-by-step process for evaluating your risks when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

Plus, find out how to solve for HIPAA compliance challenges using a risk-based approach thanks to our HIPAA Compliance Solution.

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