Employee Wellbeing and Incident Report Management

As an HR professional in today’s ever-changing environment, you’re wearing more hats than ever – but core to your skillset is your ability to keep your organization’s employees safe. You’re dedicated to identifying trends and putting the necessary procedures in place to prevent incidents and keep threats at bay. This can be a challenge today amidst the pandemic, where stakes are higher than ever and there are more regulations coming from every angle.

Having a formalized program for protecting employee well-being and managing incidents promotes a healthy and transparent culture and demonstrates respect for your employees, stakeholders, and community at large. So what’s the best way to make it clear that you’re prioritizing health and safety? Start with LogicManager’s point HR solution for employee wellbeing and incident management.

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This application can be achieved through:

LogicManager’s Employee Wellbeing and Incident Management Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Employee Wellbeing and Incident Management solution package:

Out-of-the-box Forms

Keep best practice forms ready to load into your environment and use as needed:

  • Work from Home / Return to Work Challenges form: This is one centralized form for all employees, regardless of who is a user of the system, that’s easily accessible and can automatically escalate issues.
  • COVID-19 Illness Tracking form: This form is sourced directly from the CDC. It provides an effective channel for employees to report illness and is designed to capture all critical and relevant data in one area.

Customized and automated processes

Eliminate human error and stay up to date with important deadlines.

  • Our workflow functionality makes it so that the appropriate review or escalation process can be automatically kicked off once an incident is submitted through a form. From there, next steps and follow-up procedures and assigned to the appropriate individuals.
  • The notification functionality can be set up to deliver automated emails so that nobody misses important information. This way, things are escalated and remediated in a more streamlined manner.

Reporting capabilities

All information collected in our solution package is easily reportable in a variety of ways:

  • Incidents Dashboard: This allows you to identify trends over time and ultimately make more informed decisions. Display charts broken up by specific attributes, including which department an incident is coming from and the type of challenge. It can also be easily reviewed by leadership.
  • Task Reports: These reports allow you to view all tasks, including ones that are not started, in progress or completed in one centralized location. This makes it easy for managers to identify challenges or illnesses and ensure things are getting escalated in a timely manner.

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Ensure Employee Wellbeing and Manage Incidents with LogicManager

Protect your employees and community

First and foremost, this solution package is designed to keep your employees safe. In the midst of the pandemic, that also means keeping your community safe. Maintain easy-to-access web forms where employees can submit feedback to management, escalate concerns or anonymously provide complaints. This helps you stay ahead of the curve and prevent minor occurrences from turning into serious incidents.

Identify key trends

LogicManager is a fully integrated GRC platform that offers a holistic view of your organization and helps you uncover the root causes of your most critical issues. This allows you to identify trends regarding your biggest challenges so you can improve your procedures moving forward, keeping you better prepared for unexpected events.

Maintain a centralized repository

Keep all form submissions in a centralized location in LogicManager that is easily exportable into report form. Should an incident take place, it’s quickly accessible for regulators or external auditors requesting to review what’s happened from both the employee and employer side.

Create a sound audit trail

Having documented forms, protocols and procedures timestamped and handy ensures you can easily demonstrate the measures you’ve taken to prospective hires, current employees and external parties like auditors or regulators. Having this proof also prevents you from getting into “he said, she said” situations that end badly for all parties involved.

Winona Health

Incident Management Case Study

In this case study, research firm GRC 20/20 describes how Winona Health, a LogicManager customer in the healthcare industry, used the software to integrate its enterprise risk management (ERM) and incident management programs in 45 days – winning the 2016 GRC Value Award in Risk Management.


HR Risks

Disregarding employee well-being can quickly lead to employee dissatisfaction, which creates a toxic environment, higher churn rates, and lower productivity. In today’s polarizing times, you’re at an even greater risk of these losses. Add in the fact that we’re living in a See-Through Economy, and prioritizing employee well-being and incident management seems like a no-brainer; employees and customers alike will judge you based on how you plan for and react to crises. If there are negative Glassdoor reviews, LinkedIn posts, or anything else online suggesting that you ignore employee complaints and feedback, you’ll inevitably earn yourself a negative reputation.

Employees are both your number one asset and number one liability. Their criticisms can be wide-ranging, including how well you’re keeping your employees protected from COVID-19 and how they’re handling the new digital working environment. No matter what the implications, ignored complaints or grievances can be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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