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Having positive vendor relationships is essential to running a successful organization. You can ensure you’re working with the best with LogicManager’s vendor management software.

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HSE Software to make your workplace better.

You’re on the lookout for environmental and occupational hazards to make sure everyday business activities don’t harm anyone. You’re responsible for tracking incidents across departments and branches from near misses to serious injuries. You’ve got to identify trends and put the procedures in place to prevent future accidents. Then there’s the compliance aspect of your work. What regulations pertain to your business? Are you meeting them? LogicManager’s EHS software exists to make your job easier.

But you need better tools.

Without HR- Environment, Health and Safety management software, reporting, remediating and analyzing incidents while maintaining compliance isn’t easy.

  • A traditional spreadsheets and Word document system makes it hard to identify incident trends and gaps in procedures.
  • Without software, it’s not easy for your employees to report workplace safety incidents as they occur, leaving you without the information you need to do your job.
  • Without a centralized framework, keeping track of what incidents have been resolved or still need attention is nearly impossible.
  • Proving compliance is a headache when you have to hunt down the relevant information among disparate documentation systems.

LogicManager is your solution.

Let us introduce you to an HR- Environment, Health and Safety software that erases all your pain points at once.

Go the extra mile.

We know that you love to go above and beyond to make your workplace better. With your EHS process improved, you can focus on doing just that. Our EHS software helps you align strategic business goals with operational objectives. By giving you an enterprise view of your risk at all times, LogicManager not only drastically reduces the time and money you spend on incident management, it helps you prove your impact.

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LogicManager helped catapult our ERM efforts. The reports are an excellent tool for identifying opportunities for improvement!

VP of Quality, Safety and Risk | Winona Health


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