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When calamity strikes, how you respond says more about your organization than the event itself. Take a risk-based approach with LogicManager’s Case Management solution package that prevents issues (big or small) from falling through the cracks and saves you critical time and resources along the way.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Case Management is important:

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LogicManager’s Case Management Solution

Here’s what you’ll be able to achieve with LogicManager’s comprehensive Case Management solution package:

  • Use a Case Management form to log any internal or external events or incidents, from outages, to natural disasters or pandemics. This enables you to track all details, including the outcome and overall impact on your business.
  • Maintain a centralized repository to easily access and review a list of cases you’re processing across your organization. This helps you identify trends and uncover root causes and systemic issues.
  • Break down silos and tackle problems quickly through our secure webform, which allows employees to report on an event as soon as it happens. This standing URL link can be shared on an intranet or company website so that it’s accessible to all relevant parties.
  • Our Core Processes library helps you easily retrieve your most up-to-date documented BCP so that you’re not scrambling to locate it in the midst of a crisis.
  • LogicManager’s reporting tools allow you to export reports for leadership or other teams to provide an overview of cases, show trends and weaknesses and illustrate departmental impacts. Some examples include:
    • Case Narrative report: This allows you to choose one event and provide a narrative overview with relevant information.
    • Case dashboard: Display a dashboard style report to present a more graphical view of your cases.
    • Task reports: See the status of outstanding tasks that relate to a particular case and easily identify any overdue tasks that need to be completed, ensuring the appropriate steps are always being completed following an incident or event.

What is Case Management?

If you’re tasked with managing a case at your organization, consider yourself a superhero. Case management is a critical process within any business continuity or incident management program. It refers to the planning and execution activities involved in an organization’s reaction to any event that impacts their operations, service or functions.

Case Management Risks

Here are just a few ways risks can materialize when you forego having a mature and automated Case Management program in place:

  • Immediately following an event, it’s critical to track remediation efforts to provide a paper trail for future auditors and regulators and prevent negligence charges (and most importantly, to ensure you do not make the same mistake twice).
  • When employees’ valuable time and energy are spent manually carrying out administrative tasks instead of focusing on achieving long-term, strategic goals, potential is being thwarted.
  • If you’re not prepared to triage efficiently and effectively following a disaster, it can lead to the endangerment of employees or customers as well as severe financial impacts.
  • A lack of preparedness and subsequent revenue loss can decrease stakeholder and consumer trust. Lower market valuations and customer retention rates lead to – once again – negative financial impacts.

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