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LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. Our ERM software empowers organizations to uphold their reputation, anticipate what’s ahead, and improve business performance through strong governance.

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We’re Named A Forrester Wave Q1 2020 Leader!

June 4, 2020
The Forrester Wave™ Report identifies industry leaders against objective criteria, focusing on trust & transparency to select the best in class.
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In Re-Opening, Risk Management Negligence Has Hard-Dollar Consequences

June 4, 2020
We look at just why protecting your business as the economy reopens after the first wave of Covid-19 is essential. We also look at what some best risk management practices are to achieve this.
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Five Risks to Confront in an Economic Meltdown

June 4, 2020
In an economic meltdown it is essential to take control of the most critical risks facing your business. By doing so you can protect your business against disaster.
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Did Banks Play Favorites With The Distribution Of PPP Funds?

June 4, 2020
We provide insight on how the PPP funds were distributed and discuss if banks play favourites or if they were being prudent.
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Bankers fear massive borrower fraud in PPP

June 4, 2020
We provide insight into the potential for borrower fraud with the PPP and how to prevent against it.
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Steps Banks And Financial Institutions Can Take To Mitigate Fraud During Covid-19

June 4, 2020
With the PPP receiving additional funding, financial institutions need to consider the operational risks around distribution of these funds, identification of fraud, as well as potential lawsuits from companies unable to secure funding.
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Preventing Fraud in COVID-19 Federal Relief Loan Programs

June 4, 2020
We provide insight as the Paycheck Protection Program cranks up again with a slug of new stimulus funding, banks and credit unions must balance the drive to help during the coronavirus crisis with the prevention of financial fraud.
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Knowing Members – It’s the Credit Unions’ CARES Act Advantage

June 4, 2020
LogicManager provides insight into how Credit Unions can navigate themselves during the CARES Act landscape.
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Preventing Fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program

June 4, 2020
In our feature in the American Bankers Association we cover how to prevent fraud in the payment protection program.
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LogicManager Named a Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500™

November 19, 2019
LogicManager today announced that it was named on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy tech companies in North...
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LogicManager Recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Integrated Risk Management Solutions

November 14, 2019
The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction Is Based on Feedback and Ratings From End-User Professionals Who Have Experience Purchasing, Implementing and/or Using the Product or Service
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LogicManager to Highlight Customer Successes at Annual User Conference

October 29, 2019
Risk management professionals from across roles and industries gather in Boston for LogicManager’s popular customer conference.
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LogicManager is Recognized for Ability to Execute in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management

October 4, 2019
LogicManager's strategy prioritizes customer satisfaction through top-rated advisory services, and ease of use which has led to this recognition.
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LogicManager is Recognized for Ability to Execute in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management

October 2, 2019
LogicManager's customer satisfaction through top-rated business advisory services, and ease of use has led to this recognition for ability to execute.
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LogicManager is Great Place to Work-Certified™ for the Third Consecutive Year

September 20, 2019
In independent surveys, 98% of LogicManager employees agree that "People care about each other here."
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Don’t Settle. Find a Career You Love at These 4 Boston Tech Companies.

September 16, 2019
LogicManager provides solutions for businesses of all sizes. Senior Business Analyst Pavel Gorelov explains how this creates a unique opportunity.
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LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky Leads Session at ISACA and the IIA’s 2019 GRC Conference

September 3, 2019
Steven Minsky empowers savvy governance, risk management, control professionals to prevent major data privacy, security and IT Governance mishaps.
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For 7 Boston Tech Engineers, Project Impact Delivers the Most Satisfaction

August 14, 2019
Creative freedom creates motivation. Software Developer Gavin Hiroe shares how he is able to make an impact through his projects at LogicManager.
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Collaboration above all: How LogicManager catapulted to success

June 19, 2019
Collaboration is key to producing a great product. Senior Software Developer Bobby Johnson shares how LogicManager’s Center of Excellence has fostered a culture of collaboration and success.
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LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky Selected to Lead Session for Cybersecurity Professionals at ISACA’s North America CACS 2019 Conference

May 13, 2019
Steven Minsky and LogicManager to empower information systems audit, assurance, security, compliance, and governance professionals to prevent major cybersecurity risks.
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CEO Steven Minsky Selected to Lead Reputational Risk Session at RIMS 2019 Annual Conference and Exhibition

April 25, 2019
LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky has been selected to present at the RIMS 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibition, the premier risk management and insurance conference. Steven will lead a discussion titled, "The See-Through Economy: How to...
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LogicManager and Partner to Offer Banks and Credit Unions a Modern and Seamless Compliance Management Solution

April 8, 2019 functionality now offered as part of the LogicManager platform, allowing financial institutions to proactively manage the growing volume and velocity of regulatory changes.
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LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky Selected to Lead Innovative Sessions for Banking Risk Management Professionals at the ABA Risk Management and RMA GCOR XIII Conferences

April 4, 2019
LogicManager joins hundreds of bank risk management professionals at banking’s premier ABA Risk Management and RMA GCOR XIII Conferences to share expertise and best practices for the banking industry.
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Impactful, collaborative, innovative: Why LogicManager invites devs to pitch new projects

February 4, 2019
LogicManager's VP of Software Development Michael Meyer shares how the company successfully creates a culture of collaboration and professional growth among its engineers.
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LogicManager Named a 2019 Best Place To Work In Boston by Built In

January 10, 2019
LogicManager is one of Built In’s Best Places To Work In Boston for 2019.
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Fostering a Risk-based Company Culture

December 19, 2018
A risk-based company culture builds value through its ability to achieve both top-down and bottom-up objectives, writes LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky.
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LogicManager Customers Highlight Successes at Sold-Out User Conference

December 6, 2018
Risk management professionals from across roles and industries gather in Boston for LogicManager’s popular customer conference.
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LogicManager Recognized in Gartner Critical Capabilities for Integrated Risk Management Report

November 27, 2018
LogicManager, a leading provider of integrated risk management (IRM) software, is recognized in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Integrated Risk Management report.
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What makes a product team successful?

November 14, 2018
The LogicManager product team tells Built in Boston how they decided to optimize the LogicManager ERM platform after a brainstorm session with customers.
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14 Companies Earn 2018 Risk Maturity Model (RMM) Recognition

November 5, 2018
LogicManager and RIMS recognize organizations with leading enterprise risk management programs.
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LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky Presents at the 2018 IIA All Star Conference

October 23, 2018
Minsky invited by The Institute of Internal Auditors to share expertise and best practices as a top-rated speaker.
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Better Cybersecurity and Privacy for the Mortgage Industry

October 15, 2018
Good cybersecurity depends on all employees following company policies and procedures, writes LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky.
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LogicManager Selected Again as Best Tech Work Culture Finalist in Boston’s 2018 Timmy Awards

September 27, 2018
Tech in Motion names LogicManager one of the top 10 Boston tech companies.
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9 women share their advice on breaking into engineering

August 16, 2018
Ekaterina Prokopeva, software developer at LogicManager, shares advice for women who are starting a career in tech.
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LogicManager Recognized as a Great Place to Work® for the Second Year

August 16, 2018
LogicManager is again certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®.
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LogicManager Named a Finalist in Technology for a Better Tomorrow Category of 2018 Mass Technology Leadership Awards

August 1, 2018
LogicManager has been named a finalist for the 2018 Mass Tech Leadership Awards in the Technology for a Better Tomorrow category.
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LogicManager Spotlight: Ethan Bates

July 30, 2018
Wondering what it would be like to join the Development team at LogicManager? Hear from Ethan Bates about why he decided to grow his career here!
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LogicManager Positioned Highest for Ability to Execute in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management

July 24, 2018
LogicManager is positioned highest on the ability to execute axis in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management.
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Facebook and Equifax: Meeting Increased Customer Expectations, Not Just Regulatory Requirements

July 19, 2018
Where government regulators are slow to act, customers and investors are expecting—and demanding—that companies will work to prevent scandal by mitigating risk.
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Make the leap: Follow your passion at these 5 Boston companies

June 7, 2018
At LogicManager, we focus on employee engagement, career development, and innovation. We’re committed to empowering all team members to own their ideas and see them through.
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How to Survive in Today’s See-Through Economy

May 21, 2018
Companies that are living off a reputation without effective risk management are living in a fragile house of cards that can come tumbling down, writes LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky.
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6 Boston Tech Founders Share Their Stories

May 16, 2018
LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky discusses his original vision for an ERM platform that enables companies to protect their reputations, achieve their goals, and prevent surprises by proactively managing risks across...
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The Importance of Innovation & ERM in Today’s Uncertain World

May 16, 2018
Enterprise risk management’s risk-based approach helps business leaders identify areas of inefficiency, which helps pinpoint time-consuming, manual tasks that can be alleviated with new technologies, writes LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky.
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LogicManager: GRC Vendor Overview and Insight

May 3, 2018
On average, risk managers spend 24 hours of time on tactical activities. Users of LogicManager are said to spend about 6 hours per week, writes Drew Robb of eSecurity Planet.
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Transparency Reshaping the Risk Management Landscape

April 30, 2018
New technologies give consumers and investors informed insights into a company's reputation, Steven Minsky tells InformationWeek's John Edwards.
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Enterprise Risk Management in a Global Trade War

April 19, 2018
Proactive risk assessments as part of an integrated enterprise risk management program can help any business navigate through the uncertainty of a global trade war.
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LogicManager Spotlight: Hanna Shapiro

April 6, 2018
Curious what it's like to work on the QA and Support team at LogicManager? Hear from Hanna Shapiro about what a typical day looks like and what her most memorable...
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Survey Roundup: Ethical Values Trump Compliance Checklists

April 3, 2018
 A survey of risk professionals by LogicManager found 87% said they plan to integrate one or more areas of governance into their risk programs in the next two years.
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Theranos Board Directors Face Reputation Risk: Experts

March 16, 2018
No one will want to employ a former director of a fraudulent company because it means he or she failed to perform one of their core responsibilities, CEO Steven Minsky tells...
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Tiger Brands’ “old playbook of PR distraction” was no match for South Africans on Twitter

March 16, 2018
In the age of the “see-through economy,” consumers demand immediate accountability from manufacturers, LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky tells Quartz.
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Investors Press Boards on Guns After Massacre

March 14, 2018
LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky says companies should conduct risk assessments to decide whether or not to cut ties with the NRA.
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What Risks Would a Trade War Bring?

March 6, 2018
Planned tariffs mean companies should assess risks across business groups and multiple layers of management, writes Steven Minsky, CEO of LogicManager.
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NRA Boycotts Demand Risk Assessment

March 1, 2018
Steven Minsky, CEO of LogicManager, writes that companies should consider doing a risk assessment on the impact of choosing to cut ties with the NRA, or not.
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LogicManager Named a Leader in Independent 2018 GRC Market Report

February 20, 2018
LogicManager has been named a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platforms (GRC), Q1 2018” report by Forrester Research, Inc.
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Staying Ahead with a Root-Cause Approach to Risk Management

January 30, 2018
In his featured thought leadership piece in AFERM's monthly newsletter, CEO Steven Minsky discusses a common theme among the many corporate scandals topping news headlines today.
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LogicManager Spotlight: Adam Fishman

December 20, 2017
Learn what a typical day for Adam looks like at LogicManager, and why we're so lucky to have him on our Customer Success Team.
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LogicManager Spotlight: Kevin Chinkan

December 20, 2017
Learn why Kevin was recognized for the commitment and passion he bring to his work on the Development Team.
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Using ERM to Protect Your Business from The Equifax Fallout

December 7, 2017
In his article on Risk Management Monitor, LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky outlines the steps businesses need to take to protect themselves from the impending consequences of the Equifax data breach.
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14 Companies Receive the 2017 Risk Maturity Model (RMM) Recognition

November 28, 2017
LogicManager and RIMS recognize leaders in enterprise risk management with annual distinction.
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LogicManager Users Showcase Their Achievements at IMPACT 2017

November 21, 2017
LogicManager users gather for annual ERM conference in Boston to share insights and help each other excel in risk management.
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Sen. Nelson to Equifax: You were not the victim, change company attitude

November 8, 2017
In an interview with InfoSec reporter Kacy Zurkus, LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky discusses the importance of understanding the Equifax data breach as a failure in risk management.
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The ERM Imperative

November 1, 2017
In recent years, many corporations, including BP, Target and Volkswagen, have been prosecuted for various scandals and suffered financial and reputational damage for inflicting harm on their respective employees, customers,...
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Boston Timmy Awards Names LogicManager a Best Tech Work Culture

October 10, 2017
Tech in Motion Boston announced LogicManager as one of 2017's “Best Tech Work Culture” winners during its Third Annual Timmy Awards.
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Boards Warned to Stay Compliant Amid Enforcement Slowdown

October 10, 2017
Some board members and compliance professionals say they’re worried that by pumping the brakes on enforcement, President Donald Trump’s administration could create unintended consequences for corporations.
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Political Risk: Uncertainty in a New Era

October 5, 2017
In his new FEI Daily article, CEO Steven Minsky discusses how enterprise risk management makes it possible to thrive when your business is surrounded by political uncertainty.
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LogicManager Named 2017 GRC Company of the Year by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

October 3, 2017
LogicManager has been named the 2017 Company of the Year and a Technology Leader in the global governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) market by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.
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Boston Timmy Awards Selects LogicManager as a Best Tech Work Culture Finalist

September 7, 2017
Tech in Motion Boston announced LogicManager as a finalist in the “Best Technology Work Culture” category for its Third Annual TIMMY Awards.
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Podcast: Supply Chain Scandals Are Preventable. Here’s How.

August 4, 2017
In this SupplyChainBrain podcast hosted by Bob Bowman, LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky explores the risks common to supply chains across industries, as well as the steps to prevent them.
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LogicManager Certified as a Great Workplace by Great Place to Work®

July 25, 2017
LogicManager was certified as a Great Workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®.
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Risk Management: How to Prevent Costly Supply Chain Incidents

July 18, 2017
When it comes to vendors, you can always outsource a process, but you can never outsource the risk associated with that process. Vendors must therefore be held accountable to your...
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Avoiding incidents like the WannaCry and “NotPetya” ransomware attacks

July 17, 2017
The WannaCry ransomware attack served as a global wake-up call to organisations across the world. Despite this, the equally devastating NotPetya attack followed with alarming consequences.
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How to Prevent Ransomware and Cyberattacks

July 14, 2017
Cyberattacks – alongside all risk management failures – are entirely preventable with good governance and integrated risk management processes. Mitigating risks presented by any cyberattack can take place at your...
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LogicManager Named Semi-Finalist in MassTLC’s Technology for a Better Tomorrow Award

July 14, 2017
LogicManager, a leading provider of enterprise risk management software, has been named a semi-finalist for the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s Technology for a Better Tomorrow award.
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Facebook, Twitter and Social Media in a Risk Vise

June 22, 2017
LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky weighs in on environmental, social, governance (ESG) investors' demands that Facebook and other social platforms create a Board Risk Oversight Committee.
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ERM Boosts Compliance Success

June 21, 2017
Regulatory compliance is a universal concern across all industries, particularly after the financial crisis of 2007 to 2010, and companies have been devoting more and more resources to compliance solutions....
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Managing Surprises Before They Happen is Key to Effective Cybersecurity

May 30, 2017
WannaCry is the biggest ransomware attack in history. Effective mitigation of ransomware (and similar) attacks is accomplished with good governance and risk management, not with new, expensive security solutions.
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Risk Management Lessons of the WannaCry Ransomware

May 23, 2017
Reporter Joe Mont discusses the WannaCry, "a nasty piece of ransomware attacking organizations around the globe. Those unfortunate enough to be infected find their organization’s data seized, encrypted, and held hostage,...
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In a Changing World, Questions For the CRO

May 3, 2017
Before the financial crisis in 2008-2009, many businesses didn’t think of risk as something to be proactively managed. After the crisis, however, that paradigm shifted. Companies began perceiving risk management...
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LogicManager Named One of 50 Most Valuable Tech Companies by Insights Success

April 27, 2017
LogicManager, a leading provider of integrated risk management, governance,and compliance solutions, has been named one of Insights Success’ 50 Most Valuable Technology Companies. In an in-depth company profile, Insights Success recognizes...
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Breakdown and Repair: The Wells Fargo Reputational Crisis and Its Aftermath

April 17, 2017
The misdeeds that led Wells Fargo & Co. to pay $185 million in regulatory fines last September were years in the making. The lessons from the bank’s over-zealous culture of...
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How to Operationalize Security with Enterprise-Wide Engagement

April 10, 2017
Security in the modern business environment – when executed correctly – is the sum of two parts. It requires analysis of external cyber threats, which helps identify and design the...
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2017 Most Dangerous Emerging Risks: Foreign Economic Nationalism

April 7, 2017
Economic nationalism is upsetting the risk management landscape by presenting challenges in once stable environments. Economic nationalism not only has an impact domestically but presents significant risks for the global economy...
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Addressing third-party information security risks in 2017

January 24, 2017
Information security is the risk topic of the year. Following the many cyber-breaches reported in 2016, most companies are setting focus on securing their own networks and data. But preventing...
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Risk management oversight is the board’s responsibility

January 12, 2017
John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo and chairman of the board, resigned in October 2016, showing “now knowing” about a crime is no longer an excuse for avoiding negative legal...
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What corporate meltdowns teach us about ERM

January 10, 2017
Reporter Joe Mont discusses how “emerging technologies and new commerce models have transformed how businesses operate,” alongside LogicManager’s CEO Steven Minsky. Together, the two explore why recent scandals at Chipotle,...
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6 Big Regulatory Changes That Could Affect Your Business in 2017

January 9, 2017
It’s a new year and there’s a new incoming administration. That means there are likely some big-time regulation changes in the pipeline, not to mention changes that were already on...
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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: 5 Supply Chain Predictions For 2017

December 29, 2016
What’s LogicManager’s biggest prediction for changes in supply chain risk management this year? Read the interview in Forbes Magazine to find out how we think the risk management landscape will...
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Taking on the Six Biggest Issues in Risk Management

December 23, 2016
How can organizations tackle the six biggest issues in risk management? Steven Minsky addresses each area in BankNews, and provides actionable solutions that risk managers can use improve their programs...
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Key Steps to a Robust Risk Management Program

December 19, 2016
Steven Minsky provides an actionable, 6-step checklist for evaluating risk management efforts, while explaining how effective enterprise risk management grants an ability to adapt to constantly changing environments.
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Leading the field: What makes an ERM program truly effective?

December 12, 2016
Steven Minsky outlines the top five characteristics of leading healthcare ERM programs in his latest article for Healthcare Risk Management Review. Read this article to learn why the healthcare sector...
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Wells Fargo: What Should Have Happened

November 22, 2016
In Steven Minsky’s November 2016 article for Risk Management Magazine, Steven shares that John Stumpf’s approach to the Wells Fargo scandal should have started with an admission of Wells Fargo’s...
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Driving Business Value Takes Spotlight at LogicManager’s ERM User Conference, IMPACT 2016

November 3, 2016
LogicManager will host IMPACT 2016, the company’s annual user conference at the Lenox Hotel in Boston, MA from November 14-15, 2016. This year’s event will focus on the latest trends...
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2016 Risk Maturity Model Recipients Announced

October 27, 2016
14 companies, out of 361 applicants, have received the 2016 Risk Maturity Model (RMM) Recognition, a distinction that highlights enterprise risk management leaders and successful ERM programs. Presented by the...
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Experts: Jail Not Likely for Wells Fargo Board

October 17, 2016
LogicManager’s CEO Steven Minsky is interviewed by Agenda’s Tony Chapelle on why SEC Rule 33-9089 may land Wells Fargo’s board of directors in hot water and guilty of risk management...
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Who’s Legally Liable for a Risk Management Failure?

September 29, 2016
Read Steven Minsky’s latest article in Treasury & Risk on how courts are assigning liability when corporate data or financial security is inadequate – and how a well-designed ERM program provides...
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LogicManager’s New Boston HQ Testament to Company Culture, Growth

August 23, 2016
LogicManager’s expanded office space in Boston’s popular Seaport District reflects the tech leader’s unique focus on collaboration and innovation. The space, which officially  opened on August 15, 2016, build upon...
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LogicManager and RIMS Begin Selecting Organizations for the 2016 Risk Maturity Model Recognition

August 16, 2016
LogicManager and RIMS will be evaluating the results of organizational Risk Maturity Model (RMM) assessments for the 2016 Risk Maturity Model Recognition Program. The opportunity to qualify for the annual...
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Vendor Risks: Preventing Recalls with ERM

August 12, 2016
In 2016 alone, there have been dozens of recalls, by food companies, car manufacturers, and vitamin producers, among others. Not only do these recalls greatly impact a company’s bottom line,...
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LogicManager & Winona Health Receive 2016 GRC Value Award in Risk Management

August 4, 2016
GRC 20/20 awarded Winona Health and LogicManager with the 2016 GRC Value Award in Risk Management for driving unparalleled business value through ERM. LogicManager is recognized for providing Winona Health...
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The Importance of Risk Assessments in Business Innovation

June 3, 2016
Ben DiPietro, reporter at The Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal, interviewed LogicManager’s CEO Steven Minsky on the common thread between recent recent risk management failures at Chipotle, Volkswagen and...
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Boosting Valuation with Enterprise Risk Management

May 31, 2016
Steven Minsky contributed an article for CFO Magazine that discusses how mature ERM programs help organizations understand their own structures and processes, and how they impact strategic goals. He also...
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What the Nissan-Mitsubishi Debacle Teaches Procurement About Enterprise Risk Management

May 5, 2016
Kaitlyn McAvoy at Spend Matters interviewed Steven Minsky to discuss the impact Mitsubishi Motors’ recent fuel economy failure will have on the Nissan brand, and the larger supply chain and vendor...
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A New Era in Enterprise Risk Management

May 3, 2016
Toni Lapp, Senior Editor at Bank News, interviewed Steven Minsky to discuss the recent regulatory cases at JP Morgan and Dwolla, and what they reveal about the current state of...
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LogicManager Named a 2016 Best Place to Work by Boston Business Journal

April 20, 2016
LogicManager, Inc. has been named one of the 2016 Best Places to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal. LogicManager earned this distinction by being one of the top-scoring...
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Board Risk Oversight and ERM: What Executives Should Know

April 13, 2016
Steven Minsky and Dr. Paul Walker addressed several recent Board risk oversight “debacles” at the April 7th Board Risk Oversight & Enterprise Risk Management Conference at St. John’s University’s Tobin...
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LogicManager Recognized As a Strong Performer in 2016 Independent GRC Report

January 26, 2016
Forrester Research, Inc. recognized LogicManager as one of the 14 most significant GRC software vendors. LogicManager received the highest score possible in Customer Feedback and the second-highest score in Product...
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16 Companies Recognized by LogicManager and RIMS as Leaders in ERM Maturity

November 3, 2015
Several organizations were named leaders in Enterprise Risk Management upon receiving the 2015 Risk Maturity Model Recognition. The Risk Maturity Model Recognition is an annual distinction given by the authors...
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RIMS and LogicManager Celebrate 10 Years of Delivering Assessment Tool to Risk Professionals

October 27, 2015
Back in 2005, RIMS and LogicManager teamed up to offer risk professional the Risk Maturity Model, a free assessment tool for executives in risk management – and others charged with...
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LogicManager Named Platinum Sponsor of the 2015 RIMS ERM Conference

October 26, 2015
LogicManager, the leader in Enterprise Risk Management software, has partnered with the Risk and Insurance Management Society for over 10 years to promote the success of risk management professionals via...
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RIMS Report: State of ERM Report 2015 and About RIMS the Risk Maturity Model Released

October 26, 2015
At the RIMS ERM Conference in Chicago, the Society announced the release of 2 new Executive Reports; The State of ERM 2015 and About the RIMS Risk Maturity Model. The...
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RIMS Report: Why a Mature ERM Effort is Worth the Investment

April 28, 2015
“With the key findings that indicate that organizations exhibiting mature risk management practices realize an increased valuation premium of 25%, risk professionals now have the documented support that is often...
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Risk Management: Reputation is Everything

March 1, 2015
KM World interviews LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky; and reports on the importance of identifying reputational risks and understanding how seemingly unrelated business activities can have a negative impact on your...
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CIO Review selects LogicManager ERM Software

October 6, 2014
The CIO Review selects LogicManager ERM Software for its list of the 20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers for its expertise in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for corporations of all...
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Mature Risk Management Practices Could Realize 25% Value Growth

April 25, 2014
The Journal of Risk  and Insurance’s recent study reveals that successful ERM  processes result in a strong return on investment.
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LogicManager Selected for the 2014 GRC Wave Report

February 4, 2014
Forrester Research, Inc. recognized LogicManager as one of the 19 “most relevant” GRC software vendors. Specifically, LogicManager was recognized for competing on ease, flexibility and price.
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A Quick Guide to COSO Internal Controls 2013 Changes

October 9, 2013
The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) released its COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework document all the way back in 1992 to assist publicly traded organizations adhere...
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TSA adopts Enterprise Risk Management

March 7, 2013
Risk management is not about absolutes, it is about using a consistent analysis framework for balancing risk and cost on a common basis across the enterprise. Yesterday’s announcement by the Transportation...
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Hurricane Sandy and the RIMS ERM Conference 2012

October 31, 2012
This week I faced the ultimate personal test of my risk management skills, where I had to soul search “do I practice what I preach as an ERM expert?" Sunday,...
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SOX Compliance with ERM: Managing the Risk of Misstatements

June 11, 2012
First, what is Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 compliance? SOX compliance is the legal requirement for public companies that senior management state that their company’s financial reporting is accurate. Sounds simple? The expense...
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ERM Programs Need Input Across Organization to Succeed

February 26, 2012
Many companies seeking to embrace enterprise risk management stumble when it comes to identifying and measuring key risks across the organization, often because of the challenge of dealing with unknowns...
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LogicManager, RIMS, & Queens University Management School to Update Landmark Risk Maturity Study

November 3, 2011
LogicManager and RIMS (The Risk and Insurance Management Society) have selected Queens University Management School (QUM) to update an academic study measuring risk maturity within organizations. The 2011 study is...
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LogicManager Positioned in Magic Quadrant for eGRC Platforms

August 1, 2011
LogicManager, a leader in enterprise risk management (ERM) software, announced today that their ERM software solution, has been placed by Gartner, Inc. in the Magic Quadrant for eGRC platforms. LogicManager’s...
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Steven Minsky Predicts Need for ERM Requirements in 2009

July 13, 2009
Steven Minsky, CEO of LogicManager, Inc., both predicts and recommends the inclusion of enterprise risk management (ERM) requirements into regulatory standards and frameworks in his 2009 letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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The Risk Disconnect.

March 12, 2009
Analyzing the supply base is a critical part of risk management. But purchasing can do much more--like serve as a bridge to connect departments and question basic assumptions about company...
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How Enterprise Risk Oversight Affects Credit Ratings

December 15, 2008
Boards, concerned about the health of their companies, have even more reason to shore up their efforts at risk oversight. A new report from industry trade group Risk and Insurance...
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Groundbreaking Study Validates Enterprise Risk Management Boost to Business Performance

November 19, 2008
The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) and LogicManager today released RIMS State of ERM Report 2008. The report is the first truly in-depth study on ERM practices, and unequivocally...
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ERM creates a stable base for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

August 10, 2008
Sarbanes-Oxley isn't new. But judging by the way most CFOs still treat financial controls, you'd think the ink wasn't even dry on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. CFOs have had years to...
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Rogue Trader Costs Bank Billions

January 24, 2008
Not just anyone can lose $7 billion of his company’s money. It takes talent, unbelievably bad luck and, above all, an intimate understanding of a firm’s risk management and control...
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LogicManager Upgrades Audit Product

July 23, 2007
LogicManager released an upgrade to its enterprise risk management software that takes advantage of the new AS5 risk-based audit standard. AS5 brings more of a risk-based approach to compliance with...
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Corporate One Federal Credit Union Decides to Institute a More Proactive Risk-Management Strategy

February 22, 2007
Corporate One Federal Credit Union improves performance with LogicManager's ERM system. Challenged to deliver higher returns on its capital investments, and understanding that this goes hand in hand with greater...
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RIMS Launches Online Tool to Advance ERM

December 4, 2006
Risk managers have a new online tool to help them not only gauge how advanced their enterprise risk management processes are but also to understand how they could be improved. After...
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RIMS Launches Risk Maturity Model for Enterprise Risk Management

November 28, 2006
The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) announced today the launch of the Risk Maturity Model for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), an online resource that provides guidelines and best...
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Corporate One Chooses LogicManager for Enterprise Risk Management

August 9, 2006
LogicManager, a Boston-based provider of enterprise risk management software, announced recently that Corporate One Federal Credit Union, has chosen LogicManager's software solution to automate the CU's Enterprise Risk Management.
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ebizQ Executive Corner Columnist Steven Minsky Joins Blog Roll

May 22, 2006
Steven Minsky, a recognized visionary in BPM and a risk expert, who has written a column called Executive Vision for ebizQ for the past year, has developed a following on...
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The Challenge of BPM Adoption

March 27, 2006
Anyone who suffers the pain of correcting process mistakes discovered after a major technology roll-out or is frustrated by the management of complex relationships between policies, procedures, systems and data,...
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The Elephant at the Enterprise Risk Management Party

March 16, 2006
For the past few years, it’s been a little lonely for the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) proponents of the world, but suddenly we seem to have lots of company at...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Enterprise Risk Management

March 13, 2006
Companies realize the business value of managing risk across the enterprise effectively in different ways. Some rejoice as their reputations and stock prices rise. Others experience, often in a very...
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Enterprise Risk Management: Illuminate the Unknown

November 16, 2005
Taking risk is how businesses grow; managing risk is how they sustain that growth -- especially under pressure from regulators. Here's how to assemble a risk management architecture that anticipates...
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Agility vs. Control

October 23, 2005
Once the crucial element in determining whether a business initiative was possible, technology is no longer even on the critical path. Dramatic advances have made technology so agile and powerful...
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The Price of Fraud

September 11, 2005
Each year, American businesses suffer staggering losses at the hands of a constantly evolving enemy: fraud and abuse. Here are just a few of the sobering statistics, culled from industry...
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Manage Risk, Don’t Suppress It

July 31, 2005
At the recent 32nd Annual Securities Industry Association Operations Conference, hot topics for attendees were regulatory issues, increased transparency, greater volumes, cost pressures, new product development and enhanced services to...
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Developing Risk Plans

June 24, 2005
The effort to keep up with an onslaught of compliance and regulatory requirements is swamping insurance firms, causing them to put important operational issues on the back burner, sometimes to...
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Assessing Operational Risk

May 8, 2005
The diverse firms that make up the fiercely competitive mortgage banking industry are united in a common mission to fulfill the American dream of homeownership. They share a common enemy...
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