Diving Deeper into Integrated Risk Management with Industry Experts

IMPACT 2023 Panel

Duration: 35 Minutes

Presenter: Mark Mondani, Advisory Solutions Lead at LogicManager, Danielle Mummert, Brianna McKenzie, and Patrick Edwards

In this presentation, industry experts delve deeper into their Integrated Risk Management programs and processes, building on their previous presentations.

The panelists share insights on how they tackled challenges while implementing their risk management programs and provide a comprehensive view of the best practices for managing risks effectively. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the discussion, making it an informative and engaging session.

Interested in hearing more? Each panelist’s individual presentations are here:

Daniel Mummert – Governance, Risk, and Compliance Built Around the Community of Practice

Brianna McKenzie – Why Business Continuity Planning is Crucial and How to Make It Sustainable

Patrick Edwards – Conducting Enterprise Risk Management with the Three Lines of Defense

Watch On-Demand Here: