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ERM and GRC Resource Center

Logic Manager ERM Video About us

At LogicManager, we believe all surprises are preventable. Our company was founded in 2005 to make that a reality.

customer testimonials

Hear directly from LogicManager customers as they explain how they use our risk management platform and why it’s valuable.

IMPACT 2016 Highlights

IMPACT 2016, our inaugural user conference, was a fantastic learning experience. Watch this video for some conference takeaways.

customer success story logicmanager

First Marblehead works with lenders, credit unions, and schools to meet the growing demand for customized private student loans.

strategic decision making

Make your organization’s ERM program more strategic by building connections and linking risks to the activities and goals they impact.


Learn how to acquire/develop all training, frameworks, and other tools needed to implement a best-practice ERM program.

governance erm

Learn how to prioritize risks/activities while eliminating redundancy in assessments, controls, and testing activities.

PCI compliance

Making risk appetite and risk tolerance actionable will help to improve the direction and efficiency of your ERM program.