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Protect Your Reputation with Regulatory Compliance Management Software

Failure to meet regulations and compliance standards can put your business at risk of facing millions of dollars in penalties. LogicManager provides a centralized compliance library, automated notification system, risk assessments, remediation plans, dashboards, reporting engines, and more.

These features lead to a positive ROI as they help avoid risks that lead to fines, legal fees, and other costly reputational penalties associated with compliance failure.

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You’re the moral and legal backbone of your company.

Regulatory compliance standards, frameworks, and laws are designed to make sure your business is operating under the highest standards of honesty and integrity. You’re not only the one responsible for ensuring that you can answer “What is Compliance?” for your organization, but you also need to ensure that every part of the business is measuring up to those requirements. You empower your company to protect its employees, customers, investors, and community. That’s a lot to take on.

And staying compliant is tough.

Without software to facilitate your regulatory compliance efforts, achieving your goals can be time-consuming, costly and difficult.
  • A traditional spreadsheets and emails system means all of your information is hard to access and manage.
  • Identifying and engaging the proper business units requires an unnecessary amount of effort when you don’t have software.
  • Staying on top of ever-changing rules and regulations is nearly impossible without an automated system.
  • Proving compliance is a headache when you have to hunt down the relevant information across disparate systems.
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Once you’ve identified a relevant regulation, standard, law or requirement, let LogicManager’s AI tool take over.


LogicManager is your Regulatory Compliance Management Software Solution.

With our Regulatory Compliance software solutions, your due diligence efforts will help your business excel and maintain an exemplary reputation – all while eliminating pain points:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regulatory Compliance Management Software?

Regulatory compliance software helps you stay on top of the various compliance standards, frameworks, and laws that are relevant to your business. Software helps you streamline your processes, integrate the controls and requirements set forth by these regulations into the rest of your business departments, and stay on top of things to ensure you’re not falling out of compliance.

What Are Some Compliance Management Software Features?

Features of regulatory compliance software might include a centralized compliance library, automated notification system, to-do lists, risk assessments, remediation plans, dashboards, reporting engines and more.

How Do I Know If Compliance Management Software Is Right For Me?

Is your business within the banking, healthcare, or similarly regulated industry? Then there’s a good chance you have too much on your plate to juggle without the use of regulatory compliance software. The same can be said for businesses whose size makes them subject to regulations like SOX or FDICIA. The penalties for non-compliance are simply too high to run the risk of missing reporting deadlines and other key requirements. Investing in regulatory compliance software has a significantly positive ROI as it helps you avoid fines, legal fees, and other costly penalties associated with falling out of compliance. Be sure to evaluate vendors based on your budget, goals, and other business needs to ensure they will make a good long-term partner.

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