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Federal regulations continue to broaden and multiply, while the threat of data breaches shows no sign of stopping. To serve their customers best, financial institutions must assess and control risks associated with compliance, fraud, cybersecurity, and much more. Beyond compliance, banks must be on the lookout for any potential loss event that could drive customers into their competitors’ arms. Staying on top of these risks demands a powerful and flexible bank risk management program. LogicManager’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of your unique and dynamic industry.

Trusted By Our Financial Customers

“ It was a commitment that we made to the audit committee to get SOX up and running in a very short time frame and LogicManager was able to help us do that and it was a successful implementation. We saw almost immediate benefit from it. 

Dana Mynsberge, Manager, Corporate Audit | Cognition Financial


How Can We Help You? 

As a financial institution, your business needs to keep on top of risks coming from all conceivable angles. That’s why we’ve created software that seamlessly integrates every aspect of enterprise risk management for banks like yours.

  • Simplify all of your financial reporting responsibilities with our powerful SOX Compliance Software.

  • Track all regulatory compliance requirements including FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, CFPB, and other standards.

  • Operationalize your cybersecurity efforts to prevent breaches with our intuitive IT Security & Governance solution.

  • Identify the most critical risks in every part of your organization and allocate resources effectively with pre-built risk assessments.


Experience a Customized Bank Risk Management Solution

We’ve built our bank enterprise risk management software with you in mind. Check out some of the pre-built, industry-specific content that comes with our software. We have everything you need to make your risk management process a painless one.

Transform How You Think About Risk

LogicManager’s platform is designed to alleviate the pain points in your bank’s enterprise risk management processes so you can focus on aligning and achieving operational and strategic goals across your organization.

LogicManager’s software and unlimited advisory services provide a risk-based framework and methodology to accomplish all of your risk assessment and governance activities, while simultaneously revealing the connections between those activities and the goals they impact.


“The value-add of LogicManager, to this point for us, has really been the analysts and their help. As much as it would be difficult to build this sort of thing out in a spreadsheet or in SharePoint, it is possible, but that consultancy and the ability to use the analysts to develop these reports and to understand what they’ve seen in different areas has really been the value-add.”

Matt Duffy, Vice President & GRC Program Manager | Bank of the Ozarks

Some of Our Financial Customers

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