Financial Risk Management Software

Protect your financial institution against major financial and reputational losses with our risk management software for financial services.

Guiding Our Customers Through COVID-19

Learn more about our COVID-19 risk management solutions that we have customized and packaged for existing clients at no additional cost.


Meet Your Financial Services Risk Management Challenges Head-On

In the years since the financial crisis, Financial Services providers have faced an increase in new regulatory requirements, while having to navigate a competitive industry with evolving business models and emergent technologies. The current volatile business environment has made it more difficult for risk management capabilities to keep up. Financial institutions need to decide if they will continue with business as usual or instead fundamentally rethink their approach to risk management. LogicManager’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of your unique processes in a highly regulated industry that has seen corporate scandals in recent years.

Financial Risk Management: How LogicManager Can Help

LogicManager can provide the framework, guidance, and tools to help your financial institution identify, mitigate, and monitor your risks to become substantially more effective and efficient.

  • Identify Risks: Identify risk across your organization with standardized, reportable risk assessments

  • Monitor Risks: Monitor all regulatory requirements including FFIEC, FDIC, CFPB, SOC, and other standards to ensure adherence, avoid monetary penalties, and loss of reputation

  • Sox Compliance: Streamline your financial reporting responsibilities with our powerful SOX Compliance Software

  • Report Risks: Record and present key performance metrics through customizable reports and dashboards


The LogicManager Difference

Unlimited Support


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Experience a Customized Financial Risk Management Solution

We’ve built our financial services risk management software with you in mind. Check out some of the pre-built, industry-specific content that comes with our software. We have everything you need to make your risk management process a painless one.

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We Make Highly-Recommended Risk Management Software for Financial Services

“ It was a commitment that we made to the audit committee to get SOX up and running in a very short time frame and LogicManager was able to help us do that and it was a successful implementation. We saw almost immediate benefit from it. 

Dana Mynsberge, Manager, Corporate Audit | Cognition Financial


Financial Services Customers We Work With

Transform Risk Management In Your Company

LogicManager’s platform is designed to alleviate the pain points in your financial services enterprise risk management processes so you can focus on aligning and achieving operational and strategic goals across your organization.

LogicManager’s risk management software for financial institutions and unlimited advisory services provide a risk-based framework and methodology to accomplish all of your risk assessment and governance activities, while simultaneously revealing the connections between those activities and the goals they impact.


“The value-add of LogicManager, to this point for us, has really been the analysts and their help. As much as it would be difficult to build this sort of thing out in a spreadsheet or in SharePoint, it is possible, but that consultancy and the ability to use the analysts to develop these reports and to understand what they’ve seen in different areas has really been the value-add.”

Matt Duffy, Vice President & GRC Program Manager | Bank of the Ozarks

We believe every business is unique, and our pricing is based on your individual needs. Request a quote today to discover the best package for your success.