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Learn why over 2,000 risk, governance and compliance professionals trust LogicManager to help them achieve their goals.

LogicManager cultivates a truly customer-centric culture. Our success is driven by your satisfaction.

Here are a few of the ways we’re committed to ensuring your success:


  • Short-term, flexible pricing
  • Start small & grow over time
  • 90 day continual satisfaction guarantee
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


  • Out-of-the-box industry specific templates
  • No IT involvement or costs
  • Less than 90 day implementation times
  • Configurable by business administrator


  • Every customer is assigned a dedicated analyst
  • On-going, unlimited mentoring & training
  • Long-term partners to your ERM & GRC program
Customer Testimonials


“Our Advisory Analyst has done an outstanding job helping us integrate our work flows into the tool!”

— Security Program Manager, Digital Globe

Risk Management Consulting Program


LogicManager’s ERM and GRC consulting services have helped more than 2,400 organizations understand their position on the spectrum of risk management competency. We believe that helping you achieve your goals and deliver quick-wins within 90 days is critical to building momentum for your program. We think of it as mentoring because it is so much more than just risk management consulting and training, it is about rolling-up our sleeves to use your existing activities and data to guide you towards achieving increased transparency, alignment and a forward-looking holistic view.


Getting Started Package

This all-inclusive integrated risk management consulting services package includes dedicated LogicManager team members who will serve as risk management advisors, reviewing and analyzing all of your existing data to give industry best practice recommendations. If desired, our GRC advisory team (for no additional fee) will retrofit, enhance, and structure your existing data and import it directly into LogicManager. This mentoring also includes unlimited technical training on how to use the tool and step-by-step documentation with walk-throughs for future reference and internal training.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Ask us about our simple one-time flat fee that includes all the risk management consulting services you will ever need; eliminate the downsides of adopting ERM software and take your integrated risk management program to the next level. Our risk management advisory team will work to provide the highest quality ERM and GRC consulting to advance and strengthen your risk management program starting on day one.


Our Approach

Dedicated risk management advisors from LogicManager will review your overall ERM program and identify gaps, as seen by a board, regulator, process owner or auditor. We will then develop and help you implement a step-by-step action plan to meet their requirements and expectations including the reports you need and coaching on how to present them.


Free Resource Center


  • Detailed gap analysis of all your existing assessments, mitigations, and monitoring activities
  • Centralized repository for all your risks, controls, procedures, related documents and resources (vendors, applications, policies, physical assets, data, and people)
  • Action plan to apply ERM to your organization’s strategic challenges
  • A report of the state of ERM at your organization to present to senior management and your board
  • Dashboards and reports to measure the effectiveness of your enterprise risk management program
  • A framework that will meet ISO, OCEG, COSO, and the other standards


  • Achieve “quick wins” by engaging stakeholders in key departments at your organization
  • Pin-point coverage gaps between organizational risks and control activities
  • Prioritize resource allocation throughout your organization
  • Achieve a 30-60% efficiency increase over existing governance activities
  • Identify key resources and establish connections to measurable business impacts
  • Streamline mitigation and testing activities to address risk, compliance and goals
  • Report on key metrics to measure your ERM program’s effectiveness
“What I’ve seen so far is great and the customer support is outstanding! I like the fact that the system is constantly being improved and the updates are shared with the users.”

— Monique Pasqual, Director of Risk Management, Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Company, Ltd.

All the Content and Support You Need!

LogicManager’s top-rated customer service alongside our powerful, easy-to-use software has provided over 2,400 customers with the tools and resources needed to develop successful risk and governance programs.

Founded on a belief that software can be affordable and simple yet valuable, LogicManager is a leading provider of ERM software with a holistic, risk-based approach to GRC solutions and services.

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“Service is #1! Knowledgeable, professional, helpful and responsive Advisory Analyst! Still getting used to the program, but like that you solicit input from users and that upgrades are continual. Keep up the great work!”

Assistant Vice President, Risk Management, Pacific Guardian Life

Top-Rated Customer Service


You’ll want to ensure that your organization is realizing all of the value and added benefits that an integrated risk management system can deliver. To do this, companies and end-users must consider their varied and evolving needs across all governance functions, including internal audit, business continuity, strategic planning, financial reportingcompliance, and other operational functions.

Our customers tell us that fast, effective support and governance expertise are critical for promoting user adoption and maintaining a successful ERM application. Therefore, LogicManager focuses on providing expert-level ERM and GRC consulting and customer services. We are dedicated to helping our customers succeed on all fronts, and will help to match current best practices and our own governance knowledge to your business’ current and future needs.

With support centers in the United States and Europe, LogicManager ensures responsiveness and quick turnaround times. Resolutions to customer issues are often worked on around-the-clock among collaborating teams at both of our support centers. Our multi-channel customer service includes web, email and phone support, and there is no limit on the number of cases that can be submitted.

100% of SaaS customers have full, working access within 5 business days.

97% of customers are “likely” or “very likely” to recommend LogicManager.

Perfect 5.0/5.0 in “Customer Feedback” from Forrester Research.

“Our Analysts are great! They have been helpful through the entire process.”

— Arpit Patel, Sr. Corporate Risk Analyst, BWX Technologies, Inc.