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Georgia Farm Bureau Case Study

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In this case study, we’ll explore how Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company® transformed the reputation and value-add of their risk management department by leveraging LogicManager’s software. Prior to adopting LogicManager, the farm bureau had been allocating a disproportionate amount of time and resources in spreadsheets to construct and send out risk assessments, leaving no time to take a step back and synthesize the most consequential aspects into simple reports for management.

Georgia Farm Bureau® partnered with LogicManager to design and implement a solution to document the gaps in their program, automate their risk assessment process, and distill meaningful data into easy-to-read reports. The farm bureau started with enterprise risk management within LogicManager, and has begun expanding into vendor and compliance management.

The key benefits the farm bureau has realized from partnering with LogicManager are:

  • Streamlined risk assessment processes and consolidation of historical risk information
  • Efficient prioritization of resources allowing for a focused effort on most critical risks
  • Straightforward reports using updated data attributes that drive proactive decision making

After reading this case study, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how LogicManager aids farm bureaus and many other organizations to achieve accurate and actionable reporting while obtaining intelligent risk insights.

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