Better Together: 4 Steps for Aligning Executive & Frontline Employees for an Improved Risk Maturity Score (eBook)

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Risk management isn’t just about what is being done within the risk management department; every department within your organization holds risk. The natural extension of this means that each area also benefits from a mature risk management program in order to help mitigate and manage that risk.

If this past year taught us anything, it’s that frontline employees who experience the day-to-day operations of your organization carry loads of responsibility and risk. That’s why it’s more important than ever to include them in your risk management activities.

While the benefits of a mature program may vary between different departments – from better financial performance, to a decrease in the number of security lapses – it’s clear that when everyone is involved, there’s much more that can be gained.

So how do you effectively align executive and frontline goals and activities? Start by taking the 4 steps outlined in this eBook. Use the form on this page to download your free copy!

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