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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Employee Offboarding is important:

LogicManager’s Employee Offboarding Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Employee Offboarding solution package:

  • Automated workflows will send out tasks to ensure that each step of your offboarding process is completed in a timely manner. These workflows are easily configurable and serve as a great visualization for reporting to auditors and helping teams understand protocols.
  • Our taxonomy multi-select field allows you to directly link employees to any other resource taxonomy library in LogicManager. An employee can be linked to a variety of resources, including but not limited to Core Process org structure, applications that they own and vendor relationships.
  • Gain the ability to print employee records via our “Print Profile” functionality built directly into LogicManager. You can also use this feature to download a PDF report of an employee profile at any time.
  • Streamline the forms and checklists in your offboarding process to ensure standardization across your entire organization. LogicManager offers a variety of out-of-the-box fields of information you can leverage as is, or customize to fit your exact needs.
  • Collecting and viewing critical information is made easy with our robust reporting engine. Some of our reports most commonly used for the Vendor Offboarding solution package include:
    • A report showing the status of an employee and what step of the offboarding workflow the process is currently at.
    • Our Overdue Tasks report that helps you stay on top of who is holding up the offboarding process.
    • A report showing the relationship between an employee and any application they have access to.
  • Our taxonomy technology (which acts as your centralized employee repository) allows you to send out tasks for ensuring this information stays up to date and serves as a web of information about your employees; from the vendors they own, to processes they manage and more.
  • Our integration with Workday can be used to sync your organization’s active employee roster and any changes with the data that is stored in LogicManager. This data, as well as related organization structure data, can be integrated with LogicManager. This makes managing your employees more streamlined and efficient and you can rest assured that employee data is up to date.

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Streamline your Employee Offboarding with LogicManager

Eliminate silos

When an employee is offboarded, there are numerous teams that may need to become involved. LogicManager is a GRC platform, so by nature it eliminates silos so that various departments can all be engaged and aligned.

Easily manage user access

LogicManager makes it easy to retrieve information about which employees have access to what. This way, you’ll know which employees have access to which applications and you can follow the necessary procedures for terminating that access.

House everything in one place

Managing the full lifecycle of an employee is much easier when you maintain a centralized repository of all employees.

Compile critical insights

Create automated tasks, workflows and more that directly prompt employees to review and update their personal information on a periodic basis. This way, you’re up to date on their contact information, start date and other important data that impacts their exit process.

What is Employee Offboarding?

When a decision has been made that an employee will be leaving your company – whether it’s made by the employee or employer – the transition can be difficult for all involved parties. Emotions are involved, other employees are impacted, and it can trigger an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty for the entire company.

One way to decrease uncertainty levels is to standardize the transition process. Having a formalized employee offboarding program can help manage expectations, protect your organization from risk and ensure all boxes have been checked before the employee has officially stopped working.

Employee Offboarding Risks

Taking an ad-hoc, non-standardized approach to employee offboarding exposes your organization to substantial risks. While you may assume all of your employees have good intentions after leaving your company, there could always be hidden malintent that leads to a sensitive data breach. Furthermore, if the employee offboarding process is not handled properly and with sensitivity, you’re increasing the chances of that employee being frustrated and sharing their negative experience on a platform like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google or any other professional forum.

Without a robust solution package like LogicManager’s, you’ll lack a centralized repository of who has access to what. This means auditing your user access becomes a manual and time-consuming process that could eat up the hours and energy of you or other FTEs. Spending time on manual processes that could be automated and streamlined deters you from achieving more strategic organizational goals.

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