NIST Privacy Framework

Data privacy has become a hot topic for organizations and consumers everywhere. And with rapidly evolving regulations and increasingly strict enforcement, ignoring best practices for data privacy puts you at risk for hefty fines and irreparable reputational damage. Use LogicManager's NIST Privacy Framework solution package today to align with (and stay in alignment with) data privacy best practices to better protect your customers, employees and organization.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to NIST Privacy is important:

How LogicManager’s NIST Privacy Framework Solution Helps

  • Personalize LogicManager home screens to help simplify the complex process of NIST Privacy implementation by bringing your IT team directly to the information they need, such as a readiness dashboard or their list of open tasks.
  • Our Readiness Assessment breaks down the NIST Privacy framework functions into individual responsibilities, distributes tasks to activity owners and links them to your existing controls to be documented as evidence along the way.
  • LogicManager’s One-Click Compliance AI searches through your existing library of IT and privacy-related controls, policies and procedures and suggests which ones to leverage for demonstrating alignment, reducing internal labor costs of compliance.
  • Deploy automated testing that measures your IT governance and data privacy activities against NIST Privacy’s controls to ensure you’re staying in alignment over time.
  • Use our Reporting & Dashboards system to view 5 NIST functions as they relate to privacy categories, visualize control deficiencies, see historical results of alignment and more to see how your organization is trending over time and continually improve your program.
  • LogicManager’s Integration Hub allows you to connect with platforms like RiskRecon to ensure your third parties are operating in line with your standards and Azure to assure you’re using best-practice settings for cloud data housing.



What is the NIST Privacy Framework?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) develops best practice standards to help organizations manage a number of technology-related challenges. NIST Privacy Framework is one of their voluntary tools that businesses can use to align themselves with best practices for identifying and managing privacy risks. Use it to overcome challenges associated with getting a robust privacy program up and running, and avoid cybersecurity incidents and regulatory compliance fines. It has over 100 different controls, and is regulation-agnostic, meaning that it’s adaptable to include new requirements as new regulations come into effect.


So what are the risks of ignoring the NIST Privacy Framework? First and foremost, you put your organization at an increased risk of falling behind on the ever-evolving data privacy regulations that are popping up worldwide every day. Regulations like GDPR and CCPA have laws that if you’re subject to and fail to comply with, there will be serious fines and consequences. NIST Privacy Framework can be instrumental in guiding you through these regulations that are frequently changing and growing.

Manually trying to stay on top of privacy regulations takes a significant amount of time and energy. How do you know exactly what to do, and when, stay up to date and keep an inventory of all data processing devices? NIST Privacy Framework keeps you in alignment, and using LogicManager to facilitate this alignment helps you solve the operational challenges associated with creating that alignment.

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