LogicManager Spotlight

Hanna Shapiro, Quality Assurance and Support Analyst

Name:  Hanna Shapiro

Role: Quality Assurance and Support Analyst

College Major: Industrial Engineering

Fun fact about yourself: I have been to three of the world’s tallest buildings (the Empire State Building in New York, the Willis Tower in Chicago, and the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong). Reaching great heights even though I am only 5’1″!

Why’d you decide to begin your career at LogicManager? 

I wanted to join a company where I would feel proud of my work, where I would be able to make meaningful contributions in my role, and where I could collaborate with people who genuinely care about their work and the mission it supports. I found all of this at LogicManager, and immediately felt comfortable here as soon as I stepped in the door. I am excited for the many opportunities to grow here!

What does a typical day look like in your role?

A typical day for me consists of any combination of testing new or improved software features, investigating and reporting software bugs, and responding to customer inquiries on tickets. I work together a lot with our developers and analysts throughout the day to discuss current tasks and projects. As a QA, my work is both technical and customer-facing, so I’m able to gain business insights from multiple perspectives. Ultimately, I try to help facilitate the smoothest customer experience possible!

What’s your favorite part about working at LogicManager?

There is never a boring day at the office, and I adore my QA team. I am also a huge fan of our Pizza Friday tradition!

How has the company grown since you joined?

We have grown in both our numbers and our endeavors. We are always working to improve ourselves at all levels, whether this means expanding our resources, making our operations more efficient, or remodeling our office kitchen. It’s really exciting to be a part of such a fast-growing and evolving company.

What has been your most memorable LogicManager moment?

I will always remember the first Lawn Party I attended last summer. I had only been at the company for a couple of months, but I already felt like I was among close friends that day. It was a fun event focused on celebration and relaxation, but it also showed me just how inclusive and welcoming everyone at LogicManager is. That is one thing that became obvious to me right away, from day one: the people here respect and value each other no matter who you are, what team you’re on, or how long you’ve worked at the company.

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