On-Demand Webinar:
How to Implement Risk-Based Change Management

Steps to Preparing for a Recession

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Presenter: LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky. Mr. Minsky is a recognized speaker and a certified instructor on the subject of ERM.

Duration: 50 Minutes

Many experts are starting to point to signs of an impending recession. What does this mean for your organization? There will be changes in the market, changes in available resources, and so on. Organizations must proactively prepare for this inevitable change before they’re left scrambling.

The key is to make changes before the recession hits so that your organization has time to meet your customers’ expectations before they shift away from what you can provide them. So, how do you tackle this challenge?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify who and what is impacted by change across the organization
  • Create a common taxonomy to share information and define relationships across silos
  • Identify gaps between risks identified and risks mitigated
  • Learn how successful change management programs get started

Watch the Webinar