On-Demand Webinar: Managing Risks in the See-Through Economy

New Administration, New Rules: Business Compliance Risk Predictions


April 2021 Episode | New Administration, New Rules: Business Compliance Predictions

With every new president comes a dramatic change in priorities. While we may not all share the same political views, all organizations share the same mission of surviving and thriving – regardless of whatever new agenda is brought forward by our presidential cabinet.

Risk Management is the key to surviving and thriving amidst uncertainty. But it’s not just about predicting outcomes from a danger and opportunity perspective; it’s equally important to see things from a compliance perspective. Failures in compliance are amplified through the See-Through Economy, resulting in potentially detrimental brand and financial damage.

Watch on-demand our free webinar, featuring LogicManager’s CEO Steven Minsky and VP of Product Development Brendan Colliton, to learn:

  • How the See-Through Economy will amplify business compliance failures
  • Why topics like climate change, ESG, digitization, ransomware and vendor hijacking will become high priorities for organizations
  • How businesses should respond to new interpretations of existing regulatory requirements, as well as new legislation and executive orders brought on by the new U.S. administration

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