From Insights to Action:
Navigating Risk Management in 2024 & Beyond

IMPACT 2024 Keynote with Steven Minsky, CEO of LogicManager

IMPACT 2024 CEO Keynote

Duration: 60 Minutes

Presenter: Steven Minsky, CEO and Founder of LogicManager


We’ve all seen how failures in risk management, often due to human error, can have severe consequences. These failures are preventable. By identifying risks early and managing them effectively, we can avoid negligence and ensure our organization remains secure and resilient. As trusted advisors to our board, we have a duty to provide the assurance needed to prevent fraud, waste, and negligence.

One of the biggest challenges we face is the issue of organizational silos. When departments operate in isolation, we miss the bigger picture and struggle to achieve our goals. This problem has only worsened with remote work, which has reduced collaboration and transparency. While many companies are planning return-to-office policies to improve productivity, we must address the root causes of our challenges, which existed long before the pandemic.

LogicManager 2.0 is a paradigm shift, leveraging advanced technologies like Risk Ripple Intelligence powered by Nodal Matrix Platform, and Generative AI. These tools enhance our transparency and accountability, ensuring our objectives are met efficiently. It’s essential that we use LogicManager not just as a filing cabinet but as an active tool for performing controls.

Championing risk management is challenging, but we are all in this together. Let’s work collaboratively to demonstrate the value of effective risk management and continue to uphold the high standards we set for ourselves.

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