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Empower your organization to take on the best suppliers and vendors by using LoigcManager’s third party risk management software.
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You deserve the best third party risk management tools.

You deserve to work with top-notch vendors and suppliers, but third party risk management has a lot of moving parts. It can be challenging to manage the ins and outs of what services they provide, which internal policies and external regulations apply, and so much more. Conducting third-party due diligence isn’t a simple task either, especially when you need to create a workflow that spans across the entire enterprise. However, LogicManager’s third party risk management solutions help break down these tasks.

But you have a lot to keep track of. 

Without third party risk software, it’s difficult to stay on top of all your vendors and suppliers.

  • Eliminate the hassle of a traditional spreadsheet and word document system by consolidating vendor and supplier information.
  • Without an objective risk assessment process, you can’t assess the criticality of your third parties correctly.
  • Engaging the right people in the third-party review process can be time consuming and inefficient without automated third party risk management tools.
  • Generating reports is cumbersome without a centralized hub of relevant supplier and vendor information.
  • Stay on top of what sensitive information vendors have access to and manage their access rights through third party risk software.

LogicManager is your third party risk management solution.

Let us introduce you to a top-rated third party risk management software that erases all of your pain points.

Experience a Customized Third Party Risk Management Solution.

We’ve built our third party risk management software with you in mind. Explore some of the pre-built, industry-specific content that comes with LogicManager. We’ve created these custom plugins to make your risk management process a painless one.

Go the extra mile.

We know you love to work with top-notch vendors so your organization can go above and beyond. With your third party risk management program improved, you can focus on doing just that. By giving you an enterprise-wide view of your risk at all times, LogicManager’s third party risk management software drastically reduces the time and money you spend managing  risk, and helps you prove and expand upon your company’s expertise.


The story goes on. If you can dream it, if you can think it, if you can design the workflow, you can implement any risk management program through LogicManager. 

Patrick Killeen | Chief Risk Officer, Bryn Mawr Trust (0:58)


Ready for our Third Party Risk Management Solutions?

We’ve prepared this just for you. LogicManager’s third party due diligence software allows you to establish defined workflows and house a centralized repository of third-party risk and controls. Download our free datasheet to learn more about the benefits of LogicManager.


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