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Achieve Compliance and Protect Your Reputation

What happens if you fall short in complying with CIS? You could be slapped with fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars, damage your credibility and most importantly, sacrifice the safety of your clients’ information. With a risk-based approach to CIS controls, you’ll avoid noncompliance (and the negative consequences that come along with it).

  • Streamline your CIS compliance journey with the latest version of CIS controls out-of-the-box, effortlessly integrated into your environment. Our AI technology goes further by suggesting intersections between CIS controls and other frameworks you're measuring compliance against, eliminating manual overlap and maximizing efficiency.
  • Leverage a centralized control library encompassing not only CIS controls but also your organization's existing controls and policies. Keep compliance at your fingertips, swiftly drawing from and updating controls as needed. Show auditors your compliance prowess with LogicManager's comprehensive reports, evidencing adherence to CIS and mapping framework requirements.
  • Validate CIS control effectiveness with LogicManager's monitoring activities, reinforcing their reliability. Our robust reporting engine empowers you to track departmental progress, furnish evidence for litigation scenarios, and monitor trends and improvements over time.
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Why Taking a Risk-Based Approach to CIS Controls is Important:

LogicManager’s CIS Controls Solution

  • LogicManager provides the CIS v. 7.1 controls out of the box and ready to load into your environment.
  • Using LogicManager AI technology, leverage automatic suggestions of where your CIS controls help you meet other frameworks if you are also measuring your compliance to those as well. This eliminates manual and duplicative work.
  • Reference a centralized list of existing controls and policies that your organization relies on to maintain compliance, in addition to the CIS controls, in a centralized control library. Draw from this centralized location and update controls as needed.
  • Provide evidence to auditors of how your organization is meeting and maintaining compliance with CIS by producing reports from LogicManager showing compliance, as well as listing out the CIS controls and all the framework requirements they map to.
  • Test the validity and effectiveness of the CIS controls by building out your monitoring activities within LogicManager. This serves as proof of how you test your controls to confirm they’re doing their job.
  • Our robust reporting engine gets you all of the information you need at your fingertips:
    • Track issues: Are there certain departments that are falling behind more than others?
    • Use reporting as evidence in the case of litigation: How and where did a breach take place? Were there controls that were not fully implemented or that were failing recurring efficacy tests?
    • Track trends and progress over time: Are your metrics improving? Is the number of flagged issues going down?

Benefits of LogicManager’s CIS Controls Solution

Maintain an audit trail

By saying you use CIS controls and benchmarks to meet a certain compliance framework, your organization may be required to provide evidence of those controls and their effectiveness by auditors. With LogicManager, you avoid the need to collect that information manually (which would depend on countless hours and resources) as all of your work is tracked in our system automatically.

Centralize your work

By utilizing LogicManager, centrally manage the CIS controls and the requirments they help maintain compliance with. Delegate tasks to the appropriate personnel, engage other departments and teams as appropriate, identify gaps quickly, and gain insights into which of these controls need attention. This centralized approach helps prevent the loss of information because you no longer have to account for differences in how various departments track information. Plus: no more wasting time and manpower on back and forth, interdepartmental email chains and navigating different departments’ methods of tracking compliance with the same controls written and submitted in several ways; instead, all departments will find the necessary information in one location, following one streamlined process.

Prevent cybersecurity nightmares

If a data breach occurs and your business is not compliant with the framework you say you adhere to, your organization could have to pay fines up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The CIS controls provide you with a list of expected controls you should have in place in order to maintain compliance with a cybersecurity framework. Use this ready-to-go list instead of wasting time, money and resources on reinventing the wheel.

What are CIS Controls?

The Center for Internet Security, or CIS, presents 20 specific controls as part of its version 7.1. These controls map to most major compliance frameworks such as NIST CST and NIST 800-53, etc. Organizations maintaining compliance with one of these major frameworks can utilize the CIS controls and benchmarks as global standards for internet security and best practices for securing IT systems and data against attacks. Through an independent consensus process, CIS benchmarks provide frameworks to help organizations bolster their cybersecurity.

CIS Risks

What can happen to your organization if you fall short in complying with the cyber security framework you’ve selected to adhere to? First and foremost, you could be slapped with fines of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In doing so, you’ll likely damage your organization’s reputation and credibility. Most importantly, by foregoing cybersecurity best practices, you run the risk of exposing the personal information of all the clients you serve.

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