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If your organization is looking to conduct business with any federal agency, CMMC must be on your radar. LogicManager’s platform helps you centralize your controls and gather evidence to facilitate the audit process from start to finish and determine your certification level. Keep reading to learn more about our risk-based solution package for CMMC.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to CMMC is important:

LogicManager’s CMMC Solution

Here’s what you’ll be able to achieve with LogicManager’s comprehensive CMMC solution package:

  • Gain the entirety of the CMMC out of the box, including the NIST 800-171 control set with corresponding levels.
  • Leverage CMMC mappings to other IT frameworks and standards, like: 
  • Build a fully documented audit trail behind all your controls.
  • LogicManager facilitates collaboration by making it easy for teams to work on tasks together, report across functions, and leverage work done by other areas.

LogicManager provides numerous IT governance reports as well, including control summaries, testing dashboards, compliance reports and more.

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CMMC Compliance Software


What is the CMMC?

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a cybersecurity standard across the Defense Industrial Base. It was implemented to protect Federal Contract Information and Controlled Unclassified Information within unclassified networks of partners working with federal agencies.

Having a CMMC certification is critical to any organization looking to do business with federal agencies. Determining an appropriate certification level, which is then audited by an independent third party, determines the type of business that an organization can conduct with federal agencies. If the level is too low, the organization may be precluded from bidding on certain federal contracts.


Your organization risks missing out on being able to bid on federal contracts if you are unable to pass a CMMC audit. You’ll also run the typical gamut of risks associated with having a poorly managed information security program. The CMMC levels help codify your cyber risk maturity and provide guidance on how to improve across levels.

Cybersecurity threats directly impact your company’s bottom line. Not only can these threats drive up costs and impact revenue, but working to manage them hinders your organization’s ability to innovate and focus on strategic initiatives. Warding off threats can require hours of manual labor every day.

Cybersecurity-related incidents are one of the most common root causes of corporate scandals. Corporate scandals have proven negative effects on reputation, which can ultimately lead to difficulty gaining and maintaining customers. They also are shown to negatively impact employee morale, leading to decreased productivity, higher turnover rates and interrupted business processes.

It’s one thing to become CMMC compliant. However, maintaining that status year over year is critical – and often challenging. Technology and best practice standards today change frequently, meaning your mitigations weaken over time. If your organization is unable to report on the results of your mitigation efforts consistently over time, you won’t be able to flag issues as needed and risks will have a higher likelihood of materializing.

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