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Managing Through
The COVID-19 Crisis Together:
We Are Here To Help

Unimaginable challenges lie ahead.
Explore below to hear CEO Steven Minsky’s insights as we unveil our complimentary COVID-19 Risk Management Pandemic Response Package for our customers.

Learn how LogicManager supported one Chief Risk Officer as he led his organization through the last recession.

To our customer community,

COVID-19 might be the greatest adversity faced by today’s business leaders. And the financial after effects will likely be the second greatest. This confluence of circumstances can leave leaders paralyzed. Yet the actions taken to manage through the crisis and plan ahead will define their careers and potentially their company’s viability.

As the founders and builders of LogicManager, my staff and I have worked to help companies survive through H1N1, the 2007 financial crisis, bankruptcies, and countless natural disasters. We are here to support you through the unimaginable challenges that lie ahead with COVID-19.  

Through the lense of today’s challenges, we have reviewed the hundreds of customer-driven solutions from our plug-in library. To do our part for your company in these difficult times, we are offering complimentary access to an entire suite of solutions in a COVID-19 Risk Management Pandemic Response Package through September 2020.

Our goal is to equip and empower you, as risk managers and leaders, to transform fear into action and unease into peace of mind when your organization needs it most. This Customer COVID-19 Pandemic Response Package includes full Advisory services also without charge.  To participate, please fill out the form below. 

Our organizations and the communities we serve will never be the same. However, businesses have the opportunity to transform their operations through a risk-based approach and emerge from the crisis better equipped for the months and years that lie ahead. 

I am here for you personally with the full support of my team if you,  your risk committee or board of directors need my help. I have opened my calendar for briefings and advisory sessions with risk leaders. Please reach out to your dedicated Advisory Analyst to schedule a 30 minute session with me.

Be Safe. Be Well.

Steven Minsky, CEO, LogicManager

March 26, 2020

Complimentary Customer COVID-19 Risk Management Pandemic Response Package

The risk is here, but it’s not too late.

We’ve put together a package of use cases designed to help you combat the operational risks of COVID-19, combined with our advisory team to support you along the way. Our goal is to equip you with the resources you need to focus your energy on the situations ahead at no charge*

CDC Response Checklist

LogicManager’s CDC checklist offers a set of standards and requirements recommended for businesses to react to a pandemic. Map existing controls to the CDC’s recommendation, and create action plans to address gaps.

Pandemic Risk Assessment

Specific pandemic/epidemic risk assessment to help risk managers understand how well equipped your business units are to handle the effects of COVID-19.

Incident Reporting

Customers may use our case and incident management functionality to track a variety of use cases, such as incidents of illness throughout the company, branches, or partners.

Enterprise Risk Management

Company goals and key risk indicator expectations have drastically shifted in the face of COVID-19. Update your risk assessments, risk appetite, and assumptions to better understand how COVID-19 will impact your 2020 goals and beyond.


Issue questionnaires to your vendors to assess their readiness to provide business services throughout the economic disruption.

Ongoing Business
Continuity Planning

Continue to update and share pandemic and business continuity plans to ensure you are capturing the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Loan/Grant Management (CARES Act)

The $2 trillion CARES Act is an unprecedented stimulus plan that makes specific relief available to a variety of institutions. Both lenders of the Small Business Administration’s Paychex Protection Program (PPP) and qualifiers of grants through the Federal Reserve emergency lending system will need to navigate a maze of many vague, uncertain and still unfolding requirements. LogicManager can help you quantify and demonstrate your risk management competency with reporting to help expedite the application and approval for COVID-19 relief.

Pandemic Status
Reports for Leadership

Report on risk assessments and readiness gaps, critical incidents, at-risk vendors, and more. With physical distancing of employees, we have lost many of our management connections to performance and emerging risks. Collecting and visualizing business metrics as over time enables you to track the progress of your mitigation activities more frequently and in context.

* We’re providing free access to these COVID-19 specific solutions to our customers in good standing through September 30, 2020.  If you are receiving value from the solutions beyond September 30th, we will work with you to find a suitable licensing arrangement. 

Transition and Transform

Customers can participate in this program by completing the form below:

Let’s Tackle This Together

Here are a few of the many actionable plans we have implemented for our valued customers so far during the crisis for Covid-19 Risk Management. Share what your organization is doing to transition and transform.

Top 5 Largest North American Airport

As the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the travel industry are unfolding, our partners at one of the top 5 largest North American Airports have been quick to take action. To help them better service their customers, a combination of our advisory analysts and software were utilized to identify available resources and generate a visual representation of such entities. In presenting these reports to the leadership teams, the company is able to optimize available resources by business unit and skills. As the effects of the Pandemic continue to surface, this will support this North American Airport leader in maximizing the allocation of their assets efficiently.

National Leading Financial Institution

It is not only a critical time for action, but also transformation. In recognizing this, we are working with a national leading financial institution to collect information and data regarding their current learnings and challenges. Through the use of one of our webform features, their team has been able to contemplate areas of improvement during the Covid-19 crisis and begin making adjustments now. Through accumulation of this data, this national leading financial institution is positioning itself for success in both the present and future.

A State Public Electric Power Authority

The threat of financial uncertainty is upon us, but with the right response, your business can control its impact. In the wake of a natural disaster, a state public electric power authority was faced with developing a post-bankruptcy bailout plan. In partnering with LogicManager, they are rolling out a more actionable Enterprise Risk Management process. Using our software, our team created aggregated heatmaps for each of their major business functions. This is enabling them to prioritize their energy and effort on the most crucial areas of their organization, while keeping the board and stakeholders informed of the most critical risks. More importantly, they are able to proactively plan how to manage those risks and better future proof their business.